Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style Me Pretty. (Goodbye Spring.)

I know its been a few days since I posted anything of substance, I've just been a little... Mmm, how you say 'sidetracked' with a bunch of other things, which I'm super sorry about, guys! I hate to go without new entires though (it bothers me, seeing such a huge gap of time since the last time I posted) so I thought I would post something to sort of tied you all over until I can get up another fashion journal post up. So, without further ado, here are some photos from a wedding inspiration shoot I was involved in earlier this year (Spring time) that was featured on the website Style Me Pretty, pretty much the ultimate in wedding inspiration blogs.







(Style Me Pretty: Celebration of Spring Inspiration Shoot 
and to see more photos from the shoot, check out  the full galleryhere!)

These aren't of my real wedding, mind you. (Don't get me started on that lol) Just a board put together by wedding vendors in the area as inspiration - and as further reasons why you should hire them to do your wedding! Lol! The top hat I'm wearing was my own creation, the belt, not so much. That credit goes to Audrey at Botanica Florals. The dress was provided by Wish Bridal, the coordinating by Pizzazz!, and the photography was done by Carmen Salazar. My very, very, very cute Groom in the bumble bee necktie is Jesse, which I picked out, along with the floral kerchief. He was wearing a tux by a local tailor here in town named Ryan, who is incredibly talented and makes custom suits and tuxes. Oh, and did I mention my groom was cute? I don't know, I might have...

xoxo coco


  1. wow nice pictures..! Check out my blog, it's new and i need followers!

  2. Those are such pretty pictures! What a lovely dream-wedding.

  3. OMG this pics are just perfect! I love the atmosphere and the colors, and that ring, wow!

  4. how many types of adorable are you? i love the hat. The styling for the shoot is pretty awesome. And look look fantastic. Oh, I'm a big muffintop fan, baby.

  5. Very lovely, gently and air, it so is beautiful!!!)))I love romantically!!!)))
    Very nice post!!!

  6. Your so beautiful! And it's seems a perfect wedding, even not real!

  7. OMG i have dyed and gone to heaven. this is exaclt how i picture my wedding to be. do u mind if i steal some of your insipiration ideas? dont worry its unlikely that the dumb asses in romania will be able to pull anything so excuqistely. LOVE!

  8. WOW! i want a wedding like that! It looks so like a fantasy and it's so romantic8 dream wedding!
    Im happy i just ran into your blog! You have a great posts i ove reading it!
    Anyway im gonna folow you!

    Hope you take the time to visit me back and become a follower!:)
    Have a great day!
    Lots of love from belgium,

  9. This is beyond beautiful. Those decorations, the colours..just dreamy. And you look extremely pretty!


  10. OMG! This must be the prettiest set of wedding photographs I have ever seen! Amazing!


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