Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do-It-Yourself-Couture #1: Miu Miu Swallow Print Platforms

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The Spring/Summer 2010 season brought us some wonderful, glorious creations, most of which left us frothing at the mouths and hearts beating so fast we thought they'd burst right out of our chests! And I don't think that could be anymore true than for the Miu Miu SS10 collection and the amazing Pink Swallow Platforms that came prancing out of our dreams and onto the runway...

(The Pink Swallow Miu Miu Platform)

They still have fashionistas all over the world sobbing - some, into their slouchy Top Shop sweaters and don't even care - as they are virtually sold out everywhere now (even the Ebay knock-offs in anything bigger than a 7.5 have become extinct), making Prada's printed pumps some of the most coveted shoes in the modern fashion world by bloggers everywhere, next to the Jeffrey Campbell Lita. I myself spent hour after painful hour searching for a pair, which only left me in a mess of frustration and disappointment to find that every size 8, 9, and 10 was completely sold out. The opposite could be said of the Black Pussycat and Yellow Sunflower print platforms, which are virtually untouched. That's not say they aren't cute, but... my heart was set on the Pink Swallows.

(The Miu Miu Printed Platform Pump in Black Pussycat & Yellow Sunflower)

Even back when they were in-stock however, most of us could never afford them, not even in our wildest fantasy. With Ioffer and Ebay imposters running amok, selling from $58-$125 BEFORE shipping (which can run you anywhere from $25 -$65 depending on which foreign market you purchase them from), you still have to wait nearly three whole weeks for them to come in the mail - with no guarantee they'll be true to size, either - and you may end up stuck with a pair that don't fit. I'm sorry, but this just won't do. I'm an impatient girl as well as a rather frugal one, so instead of spending hundreds and waiting a month, I decided to go to Michael's and spend a grand total of $30 on making over an old pair of my platform pumps in a day!

My DIYC Version:

What You'll Need:

- 1 Pair of Platforms/Pumps in a light color (dark colors will need several coats of spraypaint). Any shoe type will work though; I just wanted something close to the original. If you don't have a pair of shoes to sacrifice for the project, but you have the money, I suggest springing for the new F21 Dita Suedette Heel in Tan for $22.80 and making them over. (With the exception of the heel, they are nearly the perfect shape for the Miu Miu Platform!)

- 1 can of Spraypaint. The kind I used was Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch brand in Sweet Pea (Pink Satin Finish). Any light pink should do though!

- 1 piece of cardboard.

- 1 Pencil.

- 1 Black Fabric Paint Pen. Sharpie or even Black Nailpolish will do too.

- Swallow/Bird pattern to trace/stencil. I used medium-size stickers that are technically Sparrow-shaped, but I'm okay with that lol

- Rhinestones for some added sparkle. My pick was Jolee's Boutique Stickable Gold & Clear Rhinestones. I loved them because they came in different shapes like the original Miu Miu crystals, as well they were larger in size, so they took up more room and were less work for my hands!

- Heavy-duty glue to secure the rhinestones. Water-proof E-poxy or Hot Glue works best. And again, the rhinestones I bought are stickable, but I decided to glue them too, because I didn't want my jewels to fall off with every step lol


1. Lay down a piece of cardboard in an open space (in the garage with the door open or outside in the driveway) to set your shoes on and apply the first layer of spraypaint to your shoes. Fill them with tissue/paper to help lift any creases as well as to protect the insides from getting too much paint in them.

Note: My shoes were White, which is the ideal shade (other than Pink, of course) to paint over, because its light and you'll get the most out of your color. However, the heels on mine were wooden, so it took two layers to hide the texture/pattern underneath. Be sure when you spray your shoes to stand at a decent distance apart too, that way the paint doesn't drip. Let them dry. (I let mine stand for about an hour and a half to be sure.) Meanwhile, take this time while you wait to set up a work space, as well as cut out your bird shapes and practice tracing them to prepare for the next step.

2. When your shoes are dry, bring them inside and set them on some tissue/paper (so if the bottoms are a little wet, you won't ruin your mother's counter or your art desk lol). Lay down your bird and trace the shape in pencil first. Continue all over the shoe until you're happy with the bird pattern you've created.

3. When you're satisfied with your print, go over the penciled outlines with your Black fabric paint pen, then proceed to fill them in. Let the shoes stand for a bit so the pattern can dry.

4. Now for some sparkle! Add some Epoxi or dot of Hot Glue to the back of your rhinestones and, one by one, add them around the front mouth/opening of the shoe. (Be sure to apply a little pressure to really get them stay.)

...And voila! There you have it! Your own, DIY'd pair of Miu Miu Swallow Print Platforms :}

Of course, these are just the steps I took to make mine, so feel free to get as creative as you'd like with your's! Mine look a little like a hybrid of the Ankle Platform and the Mary-Jane, and I plan to add on to them at a later time; when I get the chance, I hope to add a buckle/strap and maybe even the stand-up Swallow tail. But for now... I'm ready to don these bad boys out on my next adventure <3


xoxo coco

Saturday, November 27, 2010

There Are Three Things I Love Most: Love, Love, and Love.

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"Toujours L'Amore" by Dimitri From Paris

J'Adore Dior and the 2011 Resort collection! Seriously, John Galliano has done it again.

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the 60s/Mod style, I'm just not, so at first I was a little hesitant flipping through these runway shots. I didn't know what to think as I was presented with very 60s silhouettes and prints, heck I was even a little worried that this may be the first time I didn't swoon over Galliano's work for Dior. (LE GASP!) However, with each click of the 'next' button, I found myself falling more and more in love with these designs. I like to imagine if 60s Barbie took a vacation at a resort in Candyland, this is the fabulous wardrobe she would pack with her! These are my favorite looks from the show:

And the man behind it all...

(Photos courtesy of ELLE.COM)

All of these designs are chic, girly, and yet still sexy, and I want every piece. Especially the sheer Purple peplum dress with the metallic appliques and the Candy Pink sweetheart gown with the embellished bodice and scalloped edge tiers. They are perfection! And I feel a DIY project coming on. Speaking of which, I'll have not one, but two DIY's to share with you guys later this weekend. So keep a look out! (But back to the collection...)

I am not a Fall/Winter girl as a lot of you know, so this one has me DYING for Spring/Summer again! I know it was JUST here, but why can't it be sunny weather and blooming flowers all year round? I cannot wait to be able to rock micro minis, towering layers of tulle, feminine florals and fluttery fabrics in pretty pastels and candy colors like these again! Personally, slouchy thick sweaters and gloomy grays just aren't my thing. I feel limited in what I can wear when its cold and rainy season, which rubs me the wrong way, but I guess it gives me the time to stock up and make my own wardrobe for this upcoming Spring. That's a silver lining, isn't it? I would give anything to walk for Galliano, let alone have him dress me. I have the biggest crush on him too. He reminds me of a villain from a silent film, one in which he ties a damsel to train tracks and watches as the train approaches, all the while deviously twisting his thin, pencil-like moustache between thumb and forefinger. Oh, my imagine comes up with such whimsical things!

On another note... I'd like to thank those of you stopped by to show your support for our South Korean allies. You'll be happy to know that I heard back from our correspondants at Pinkage, and they're shaken up, but they are okay! Also, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I myself am feeling under the weather, so coupled with the feast of delicious confections my mother prepared, my muffin top is not very happy with me - but she'll get over it, she always does ;}

xoxo coco

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Specials At My Favorite Online Boutiques!

P.S. In the spirit of Holiday Shopping and Black Friday Marathons, I just wanted to share with you guys the great specials that are going on at a couple of my favorite online boutiques!

Use the code 'THANKS' at checkout to receive 20% off your entire order at Faire Frou Frou for their Black Friday thru Cyber Monday promotion! What better way to get started on your Holiday shopping...and by shopping, they buying something for yourself ;}

You can use the coupon code now through Monday, Nov. 29th 2010, 2010 online or, if you live in the area, in-store at their Los Angeles boutique. Promo excludes sale items, items from their Burlesque collection, and the brands Toad Lillie and Streetzie.

Amithyst Hair Feathers

50% off for Black Friday! Use the coupon code 'BLACKFRIDAY' at checkout and you'll receive 50% off your entire purchase at Amithyst Feathers Etsy Shop!

Gorgeous hand-dyed feathers arranged into one-of-a-kind hairpiece perfection. Each feather fascinator is embellished with pearls and jewels, some vintage and some new, for glitzy 40s inspired glamour for your hair!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo coco

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Please Pray For Our Sponsor!

This is not an outfit post or an inspiration board, this is me, asking you my readers, for your support...

(Yeonpyeong Island engulfed in smoke after NK Military Assualt)

As some of you may have read or heard, yesterday North Korea opened fire on Yeonpyeong Island, which is located just off the coast of South Korea... Where MFB's very own sponsor Pinkage is from.

While they themselves are located in Seoul (so there is some distance), I'm sure they were still rocked by this devastating attack, which is said to be the worst against civilians in twenty years; and it worries me to know that it could have been them that had been fired upon! The attack stems from tension earlier this year, when a South Korean warship (in which 46 sailors were killed) was sunk, allegedly due to a North Korean torpedo back in March; and again from NK's claim that is has a new Uranium enrichment facility as well as leader Kim Jong Il unveiling his youngest son as his heir earlier this month...

Reports say that two South Korean Marines as well as two civilians were killed in the artillery fire, leaving many more people injured in its wake, which is incredibly heartbreaking. Many homes were on fire and destroyed, and I hope for my South Korean followers and readers that you are safe and that you did not suffer any personal losses!

So everyone, please keep not only the wonderful folks at Pinkage in your thoughts and prayers, but the entire nation of South Korea too!

Thank you!

xoxo coco

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Boom.Boom.Boom. Even Brighter Than The Moon.Moon.Moon.

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(Upcycled vintage prom dress, Vintage "Thunderdome" mink from RogueRetro, White House | Black Market"Sweet Nothings" Convertable Clutch/Purse, and black tights and heels from F21, hair by Pinkage.)

Thursday night I attended the first ever Girl's Night Out event at The Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento. The Citizen is a beautiful - and I MEAN BEAUTIFUL - historic hotel that sings of the 20s prohibition era with its beautiful architecture and styling. (I wish I could live in it!) The event itself was quite awesome, I have to say. The whole scene was set on the seventh floor terrace - luckily they put up faux walls (complete with windows to view the gorgeous Sacramento nighttime view) to block out the November night chill, which wasn't too bad either considering the weather we've been having. I braved the so-so weather, which vaguely reminded me of Winter nights in Huntington Beach, in my old prom dress, my new vintage mink, black tights and black heels. (Not my Mary Jane pumps for once, by the way, but still F21 all the same.)

Anyhoo! I met up with Kari (Juniper * James) and Angeline (The New Professional), all of us evoking the spirit of our blogs, and there we shopped and networked the brilliant vendors (my business cards still smell like perfume!) whilst we ate tasty gourmet appetizers and petifours and sipped bubbly Champagne. I was lucky to get a touch-up on my makeup by the wonderful girls at the Lancome booth, whome extended a special invitation to the Macy's/Lacome Gala next Saturday my way, which I'm excited for! (However, I'm at a loss for what to wear now lol) Needless to say, it was definitely a night for the girl's with all the pampering and the swag. I was excited to have met the mother and daughter duo behind Vintage YSJ as well as the talented ladies at Amithyst Salon & Boutique.

Amithyst, the fabulous femme whom the salon is owned and named for, also designs absolutely gorgeous vintage-inspired fascinators and headbands that are dripping in rhinestones and pearls and hand-dyed feathers, and of course you all know me; I flocked right to them! I'm definitely looking forward to teaming up with Amithyst after the upcoming holiday for a feature and a photoshoot!

I had an absolutely lovely time and I'm looking forward to the next Girl's Night Out hosted by The Citizen.

xoxo coco

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello, Pinkage! (Meet Our First Sponsor!)

As a lot of you know, I had the luxury of getting my hair done this week...

Except... I didn't really. I faked it! With my new Pinkage Full Hair Barbieholic Wig in Redwine! So no, it isn't real, but it sure does look like it, huh? And that brings me to an exciting announcement for Muffin Top Baby... Pinkage is now our first, official sponsor!!!

As an individual of mixed ethnicity, I was both blessed and cursed with very kinky-curly hair. Not only that, but it's thick with a texture that can be really hard to manage. I love to switch up my look too, but my hair really limits me to what I can do. Bleaching and dyeing is incredibly damaging and causes frizz/breakage, and straightening is just as harmful on hair as it is time-consuming - it takes me nearly two and half hours to do my whole head by myself - and when I'm finished, it never lays the way I want it to and the ends always look horrible. It's definitely not a pretty sight... All I really wanted though was some variety, to be able to wear a different style sometimes, but without doing something permanent that I might regret later, and something quick, easy, and painless to manage. Was that too much to ask?

So, tired of the time it takes to do my hair and the poor results I get anyway, I began to look into getting a wig. Now, wearing a wig might seem like a strange idea to some of you, but in cultures such as African American and Asian cultures, where their hair can be a little harder to work with/maintain, it's perfectly acceptable to sport wigs. In fact, in places like China, Japan, and Korea, more and more young women are rocking wigs on a daily basis as a way to switch up their style without causing permanent damage to their natural hair. (And if you think about it, a wig is really just like a giant, all-over set of extensions!) So when I told Pinkage of my hair woes, they sent me some wonderful product to review, and they loved Muffin Top Baby so much that they wanted to team up together, which was incredibly exciting! So, if you're like me and always searching for a quick, easy, and affordable way to switch up your look, then search no further!

Get to know the lovely folks at Pinkage!

A small company out of Korea, Pinkage makes and ships fabulous beauty and hair products for the frugal, trendy, and girly. They specialize in fashion wigs and extensions and carry a variety of synthetic and human hair full wigs and 3/4 wigs for a dramatic change. Clip-in bangs/fringes, ponytails, and buns are also available if you're looking for something simpler, as well as full sets of extensions for those of you who may just want to add some extra length to your already gorgeous mane. What REALLY sets Pinkage apart though is their undeniably cute style, their great attention to detail, and the top quality of the products they have to offer.

The lovely folks at Pinkage strive to create the very best, only using the best in premium grade synthetic Kanekalon hair (a Japanese fiber that can actually be styled with low-heat styling tools) in some of the most trendy cuts and colors out there. Their full wigs even come complete with "skin" tops, which mimic the look of a scalp to make your wig appear all the more real. Indeed, every day it seems they are developing something newer and greater than the last, including their latest Platinum Blonde color series, a novel "Root Gradation" wig for the "Ombre" look, and their new Supreme and Luxe grade hair, which can withstand medium and high-heat styling tools without ruining the fibers - unlike other synthetic wigs that are plastic and will burn if you attempt to use a curling iron or flat iron on them.

A day at Pinkage HQ...

Needless to say, I am in love with my Pinkage wig. It's stylish, realistic, and makes my life easier. Mine came in a divine color called "Redwine" which is a very natural-looking Deep Red/Brown and completely exclusive to Pinkage. The long, ruffled, wavy bang-style is called "Barbieholic" (another exclusive) and is available in Dark Brown/Black, Choco Brown/Rich Brown, and Two-Tone Brown, which is a Medium Brown with Orange undertones for a truly realistic look. All of their colors - which also includes Jessica Yellow, a color between Blonde and Brown, like Strawberry Blonde, and now their new Platinum Blonde - are gorgeous and natural-looking, making matching your hair color a breeze!

They have mastered the art of the natural look with their highlights and lowlights, giving each wig a great, dynamic texture so that you get the most out of your color. The synethetic Kanekalon is heavenly to the touch and feels even better than real hair! Silky and smooth in the most perfect way, and the shine! Oh my goodness... The sheen of their wigs is beautiful, the perfect amount that looks like you were born with naturally gorgeous, healthy hair, and not so that it looks plastic and fake, like most synthetics. Mine is a Premium Grade fiber, which can withstand low heat from a curling iron or straightener. They also carry Common Grade and Medium/Mixed Grade as well, which can't take heat, but are just as lovely all the same! Then there are their Supreme and Luxe Grade fibers too, which are a little more expensive, but can take medium and even high heat from heat styling tools. A true advancement in hair care products!

I wore my wig out and about the past few days to test drive it and let me tell you I've received nothing but compliments! People assume its real and a girl at Forever 21 with a really adorable Pixie Cut even told me I had the most beautiful hair she'd ever seen. She also confessed that sometimes she wished she hadn't "chopped her's all off" and when she asked me what salon I go to; she couldn't believe it when I told her the truth! Then, just last night at the The Citizen Hotel's first ever Girl's Night Out, I got compliment after compliment on my new 'do. As much as I wished it was mine though, I told them the truth, and their chins nearly touched the floor! They seriously couldn't believe it wasn't real. Needless to say I spent a good amount of time letting people touch it and examine it for themselves, which only seemed to further their amazement. And I'll admit, the attention felt fabulous! Lol!

Check out some of Pinkage's top-selling styles!
(1. Pinkage Softtext Natural Shaggy Wave Full Hair Wig in Chocolate Brown, $53.99 / 2. Pinkage Medium Straight Full Hair Wig in Natural Black, $36.54 / 3. Pinkage Tokyo Holiday "Iceberry" Glam Wave Full Hair Wig in Milk Brown (special limited time color), $79.99 / 4. Pinkage Gradation Root Natural Wave "CoCoCurl" Full Hair Wig in Two-Tone Brown, $108.80 / 5. Pinkage Full Hair Barbieholic Wig in Redwine, $74.99)

If you're still unsure if a wig is right for you, ask yourself these questions: How much money do you spend at the salon a month? Every six months? A year? How much money do you spend on dye to do-it-yourself at home? How much time does it take you to do your hair in the morning or before you go out? And do you ever truly get the results you really wanted with that straightener or curling iron? If you're looking for an easy, affordable way to switch up your look, this is it. Personally, the thought of spending upwards of $60 at the salon or wasting money on another box of dye or bleach every three weeks kills me (and my wallet), so... Why not get your money's worth and treat yourself to a beautiful Pinkage wig? Or at least some of their gorgeous clip-in extensions? (Believe me, your hair will thank you later.) They have a shell life of 4-6 months after all and they retain their perfect style, so you can skip the salon visits. There are so many stylish cuts to choose from! And you won't have to worry about color fade or touching up your roots due to out-growth, nor spend hours in the bathroom on your hair!

This is an especially great investment for other girls out there who have thick, curly hair like mine. Using flat irons is both time-consuming AND damaging, and usually you still don't achieve that nice, sleek, straight look. Even with a top-quality straightener, after 2 hours of fighting with a flat iron, my mane always looks brittle and the ends fried and chewed up. But with my Pinkage wig, I can just cap my hair and put it on, and I'm set to go! No one can even tell! As we all know, great hair is just another accessory in every serious fashionista's arsenal, like a Burberry bag or a Betsey Johnson pendant necklace. I've always dreamed of having long, lustrous, wavy hair and now I do! And you can too! Just shop Pinkage instead!

Say 'Hello!'

Hello, Pinkage! :}

Join me in welcoming this amazing company to the MFB family! They are offering 5% OFF to all Muffin Top Baby subscribers and a FREE Wig Accessory gift package with your purchase of a full wig at their international customer-friendly wholesale shop on Ebay. Just use the code 'MUFFINTOP123' with your purchase at check out! Or, you can take advantage of their current 15% OFF sale on select items (only six days left!) in the store, in celebration of their newest Supreme Grade Hair Launch! Either way, be sure to let them know I sent you! <3

xoxo coco

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's Just Another Year That Slipped Away

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(Audrye Sessions Band Cardigan, F21 Beanie)

Oh, my gosh! I totally pampered myself today and got my hair done! I needed this so bad, especially with the holidays around the corner... And guess how much I paid? How much would you pay for a sleek and stylish 'do like this?

Speaking of the holidays... I hadn't realized just how close December was getting! Christmas AND my birthday are a month away. (Where did the year go!?) Its weird to think I'm going to be turning twenty-one. I feel like just the other day I was in high school! The real dilemma though is that I have no idea what I'm going to do for my birthday. Other than legally purchase myself a drink for the first time of course. Lol. I like the idea of staying in San Francisco and just shopping 'til I drop, but at the same time a part of me kind of just wants to party at home.

Orrr maybe a trip to LA for a live taping of Conan is in order? Hmmm. What to do, what to do...

xoxo coco

P.S. Does anyone else wish Forever21 would make knock-off Jeffrey Campbell's?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Purple Teardrops I Cry.

(F21 necklace, "Secret Garden" top by The Avenue, my own cutoff shorts,
and of course my trusty thigh high stockings and F21 pumps lol)

Here's a much over-do outfit post for you guys! Yesterday, my little sister Brooklyn participated in a town-wide competition, in which she sang an awesome vocal rendition of "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. She won third, though I truly believe she should've gotten first (and thats not me just being biased because she's blood). She took home $200 though, which was a surprisingly better prize than second place, which was a dinky party karaoke machine? I digress... I was so proud of her. Especially for breaking out of her shell on stage and melting the faces of every audience member.

My mom actually recorded it too. Sorry about the poor, sideways view, she took it with her camera phone, but check it out anyhow:

I think my sister actually sang it better than Gaga, but to each her own <3

In other news...

I bought this really UH-MAZING vintage fur collar that I absolutely cannot wait to show you guys! Words can't describe how killer it is and I've not seen any other collars like it yet, so to say that I'm 'excited' is an under-statement. Also! I'm getting my hair done this week (yay me! Hehe!) AND I have big news for the blog to share with all of you this coming weekend! So stay tuned, lovelies!

xoxo coco

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Etsy Outfit #1: "Tweet Tweet"

I'm a big supporter for shopping vintage and indie fashion as some of you know, and one of my all-time favorite places to do my shopping isn't actually at the mall or even local to me here in Sacramento; no, when it comes down to it, I never find treasures better anywhere else than I do on Etsy. Words can't describe just how much I love the online buy and sell post. I spend countless late-night hours digging for the prettiest of vintage and homemade clothes and accessories, and needless to say my wishlist seems to be as never-ending as the story itself. (I just wish I had the wallet to back it up!)

I'm a firm believer that Etsy is possibly the most under-estimated place to buy vintage and indie fashion. Where other online boutiques may charge you double what they paid for, for a bell-sleeved mini at the thrift store or second-hand boutique they originally found it; you can usually find something just like it for cheaper on Etsy, which is always such a wonderful feeling when you do! Plus, it feels good to support small businesses in this otherwise crazy economy... So that being said, in honor of my undying love and devotion to Etsy, I've decided to start posting "Etsy Outfits" to share my favorite finds of the week, where to find them, and my personal take on how to wear them!

1. Powder Blue Floral Chiffon Butterfly Wing Mini (sz 0-10) from River of Romansk, $32.80

2. Vintage Reversible Winter White & Shell Pink Faux Fur Coat (sz M) from Sweet Moonlight Shop, $40.00

3. Whimsical Birdhead Ring from Sea of Bees, $12.50

4. "Follow Me" Twitter Thigh-high Tattoo Socks (sz L-XL) from post, $13.00

5. Vintage Teal Cutout Ankle-strap Platform Shoes (sz 6) from FASHIONRERUN, $24.00

This vintage and very girly look was inspired by the Whimsical Birdhead ring by Sea of Bees and I call it "Tweet Tweet". The "Follow Me" Twitter tights by post only seemed fitting for the outfit - post makes tons of brutally cool 'tattoo' tights and stockings. I was recently introduced to Sea of Bees jewelry by Coury of  FancyTreehouse (one of my favorite blogs), who was rocking the very same ring on her latest outfit post, and needless to say I swooned when I saw it! So, I checked out the rest of what Sea of Bees had to offer and let me tell you... Their jewelry is the bees knees. I'm in love with their "Woodland Fantasy Collection" (especially the Whimsical Deerhead ring) and can't wait to make some of their pieces my own!

Now, another neat treasure I came across several months ago is River of Romansk, a shop that specializes in one-of-a-kind tops and dresses, but the real kicker is that all of their pieces are ONE-SIZE FITS ALL. With smocked designs, sizes vary from 0-8, 0-10 and 0-14 (and even some 0-16), making River of Romansk a near godsend to us life-size and plus-size girls who want to look feminine and stylish for a decent price. So if you love lace, chiffon, pastels and pretty floral prints, and if you call Marie Antoinette one of your fashion icons - (cough) I do! - then you're sure to love River Romansk! Be sure to check them out!

So what do all of you think of my "inspired" outfit? Yay, nay? Let me know your thoughts! :}

xoxo coco

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sacramento Fashion & Style Bloggers Meetup PT.II

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"Chick Habit" by April March

(Natale Eve of Evelesco)

(Natale Eve of Evelesco)

(Melody Stone of It's all happening.)

(Melody Stone of It's all happening.)

(Bella Q of the Citizen Rosebud)

(Kari Shipman of Juniper * James)

(Kari Shipman of Juniper * James)

These are just some photos I took from the Sacramento Fashion & Style Bloggers Meetup on Saturday. I wasn't able to get shots of all the ladies involved unfortunately, but I hope everyone enjoys them nonetheless :}

xoxo coco

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sacramento Fashion & Style Bloggers Meetup PT.I

This past weekend I attended the second Sacramento Fashion/Style Bloggers Meet-up downtown and let me tell you... We may have been little, but we sure were fierce!

The day started off at noon at the Midtown Bazaar, where we were met with wonderful vendors, some of whom even provided us with some super cute swag - including earrings made of monopoly pieces and beautiful marble rings - and then we went to Streets of London, where we took photos, chatted, and enjoyed a few beers. Or rather, I watched the girls enjoy a few beers. (Being under 21 kind of sucks hehe) It was an awesome day to say the least, meeting all of these great girls was such a treat, and I look forward to doing it again!

The event itself wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Miss Bella over at the Citizen Rosebud, who is eclectic and stylish and is currently a top 5 finalist in Kristy Elena's (Vogue Gone Rogue) "Essence of Fall" fashion contest, so be sure to head on over and vote for; she's much deserving! I also had the chance to finally meet with fashion blogger and journalist, Melody Stone from It's All Happening and she's even more lovely in-person. I'm particularly excited for her right now, because she recently had an article published in Midtown Monthly!

(photo by Jen Wade of Wade & Associates)

All in all we had an amazing group of femmes come together, mixing and mingling as if we'd known each other forever, when really it had only been a matter of hours that we'd hung out. Each with individual style and charisma of our own, these are the faces that are about to take Sacramento by storm!

Be sure to check out all of these lovely ladies' blogs!

- Kari, Juniper James
- Angeline, The New Professional
- Nicole, Little Bits of Nikknak
- Natale Eve, Evelesco
- Jen Wade, Wade & Associates
- Melody, It's all happening.
- Bella, the Citizen Rosebud

xoxo coco

P.S. I DID take some photos, I'm just too lazy to upload them right now. I will do so later this evening! Promise!

Friday, November 5, 2010

You Oughta Know #1: Jacqueline Harriet, Photographer

Jacqueline Harriet is an amazingly talented up and coming photographer located right here in Sacramento, who specializes in fashion, editorial, and portraiture. She is a master of natural light, a whiz with post-production, and an agency-approved artist, having shot with several new faces signed to various modeling agencies in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas, and (here's the kicker) she's not even 18 yet!

I had the chance to sit down and chat with her to find out more about the eye behind the camera...

So tell my readers a little more about yourself :}

I'm Jacqueline Harriet, seventeen years young. My favorite time is the nighttime, oddly enough, a time where pictures are the most difficult to capture. I love that moment late at night where you hit the point of absolute exhaustion, where your mind starts wandering from the norm and forming random thoughts. That's when I feel the most free and am able to write down my photo ideas. Now for my life and photography... I've been an avid reader of Vogue since the age of 7 and have become a subscriber to over 20 magazines since (it's very hard to keep up!), but it wasn't until less than two years ago when I became interested in being a photographer. I wasn't known as the artistic child, rather the artistically challenged...that is until I picked up a camera! Photography has helped me set goals, reach them, and in short has helped me express myself. Right now I don't know where photography will take me...I plan on doing it for the rest of my life whether it be for fun or for a profession, it is my de-stressor and I couldn't imagine my life without my camera by my side.
So when was it that you realized photography was it for you? Was there an exact moment when you first picked up the camera and you knew; or was it simply an interest that developed into a passion gradually over time?

I really did love fashion magazines from a young age. And...I happened to be a super Mary-Kate & Ashley fan. SUPER. Around the time I started to come into myself (age 11 or 12). I never had any siblings, so I guess I saw the Olsens as role models and as they matured and did edgier shoots I thought to myself how cool it'd be to one day take such interesting photos. Then...there was the whole Myspace era and I felt like I didn't stand out with just a simple, bland picture. I felt that if I could achieve an interesting photo, people would be interested in me. Yes, my stupid lil ole middle school self thought that. I would look through all sorts of photo galleries online and it opened my eyes to more photography, not just fashion. Fast forward a few years later, I started frequenting sites like Lookbook and Flickr and finally convinced my father to buy me a DSLR. Ever since then it's been....an adventure!

A very exciting one at that! So what, in your opinion, has been the hardest part about your adventure so far?

The hardest part of my adventure has been time. When I first began to have "a-ha" moments with my photography was my junior year of high school, the "most rigorous/important year". Now that I'm a senior in high school, college applications and more AP classes continue to take up much of my time. I have so many ideas but lately I haven't had the time to put them into action, even during the summer I was swamped.


Now, since you are only seventeen, have you found your age to be sort of a speedbump at all on your road to growth as a photographer?

I think I'm really lucky to, in a sense, have a headstart with photography at 17 years old. I've got a lot of directions I can go with it and I feel confident that over time I will definitely get better at my skill. At the same time, being 17 can be a strike against me. Some adults aren't as willing to work with somebody so young which bothers me sometimes, because I'm a very diligent worker and my age isn't something I can change to fit their needs.

Most definitely. I can imagine how frustrating that could be! Do you have any advice or words of wisdom to other young artists such as yourself, who may find themselves facing the same challenges?

My advice would be to stay professional without compromising your dignity. Never let somebody tell you can't do a job based on something like your age or lack of 20+ years of experience. And as far as aesthetics, try out everything: a mix of weird, a mix of beautiful. Don't give yourself boundaries on what you can create with a camera!

Wonderful advice. I completely agree. I think a lot of young talent assume that because they're so new and "inexperienced" that they couldn't possibly do something edgy or organic or high fashion, like what they see in magazines and online, but you really never know unless you try it! Now, with all this talk of some of the 'downsides' of being so young in the industry, lets talk about the upsides and your exciting experiences so far! You've shot fresh faces for Passport Models and Exalt Models and I hear you're collaborating with a local vintage boutique on a project? Can you tell us more about it?

Right now I'm working with Funkin Junkie, a vintage boutique. So far it's been really fun to do shoots that are styled but yet focus on having an editorial edge. I'm really excited to work more with the owner and continue to shoot more models!

Thats awesome! We definitely can't wait to see the finished product! Any other exciting projects coming up that we can expect to see from you?

I'm excited to show everyone, too! Right now I'm swamped with college stuff and my classes, but I'd love to start a few projects once everything starts settling down. I've started a small set called "Grainy Youth" using high ISO and nighttime settings to achieve a grainy/film-like look to photos. When I get the time I would like to play more with shadows/colored lights...I've got so many ideas :)

Juggling your own personal projects, high school, plus college classes... You're like Wonder Woman! :) And what's more, I hear you don't JUST work with models, but you also shoot very affordable senior portrait work as well?

Oh, hardly Wonder Woman! ;) I do! Senior Portraits are something a few people had approached me these past few months as my friends and I all become seniors ourselves and so far it's actually been a lot of fun. I'm hoping I can get hired more for other jobs as well, I love a new challenge (weddings, kids, families perphaps?)!

Well thats awesome. It's great that you can provide a unique, more artsy, and even fashion-forward alternative to those students who want to stand out a little with their senior portraits! I definitely wish someone like you would've been around when I needed them! Lolol! For someone as young as yourself, you certainly are talented, and versatile; and I pity the fool who underestimates you ;) With all of this in mind, where do you hope to take your photography in the future?

You're too kind! In the future, I'd like to take some time to develop more of a conceptual side to my photography and spend more time on individual projects versus snapshots. I can't wait to start using the darkroom and experimenting with other processes! I would be honored to be paid to do editorials for magazines and etc, but I'm not going to kill myself trying. I'm going to focus more on projects I feel proud of versus trying to create a mold of what I think will get me an ad job, etc!

Mmkay, so just for fun... If you had the chance to photograph any person in the world, who would it be?

Well, if I had the chance to photograph *any* person in the world...I'd have to say there'd be more than one...but since I'm forced to narrow it down I'd like to shoot Abbey Lee Kershaw. She's been everywhere these days and I love how she can undergo transformations, such as her new "Neon Blonde" dye, and look completely unique for all the campaigns she is in. She's got an unmistakable gap in her teeth, too, which I think definitely adds to her interesting look. I also really love Mila Jovovich's look!

And if you could shoot for any catalog, lookbook, or designer/collection, which would it be?

If I could shoot for any lookbook I'd choose Wildfox Couture. They mix darkness with romance and they are always filled with a mix of excitement and energy. I also would love to shoot a more serious editorial for Topshop, their collection shoots are always very inspiring as well!

What are your favorite colors to capture on camera?

My favorite colors to capture are red/burgundy and royal blue, I love rich colors and I'm trying to experiment more with those lately.

Which photographers inspire you to be a better photographer?

Photographers that inspire me to become a better photographer...wow so many...I think Peter Lindbergh is really inspiring when it comes to moody black and white shots and capturing emotion. All of Patrick Demarchelier's work for Vogue is phenomenal. And I really love all of the conceptual work that Tyler Shields has been doing lately. I also like to look to fine art photographers like Sally Mann who captures the more natural elements of life.

A photo or editorial that you wish you had shot:

Honestly, I am so obsessed with Nirrimi's work. Everytime she posts new shoots, I hit myself for not being half as talented as her. She captures youth, fashion, and natural reality so effortlessly it seems.

Your favorite fashion film/video:

I don't per se have a favorite fashion film but I love getting inspired by the cinematography in movies. The Virgin Suicides has not only an interesting plot but the colors and dreamlike aspects of it make it really dark yet bright, sort of what I try to incorporate into my pictures.

Cast your vote: Studio or Natural Light?

Natural Light all the way, I haven't had much time in the studio but I love to focus on the reality rather than the beams of fake light come at the model. I love being outdoors and having to chase the light as it moves!

And there you have it! Straight from Miss Jackie's fingertips herself!

As you can see, we have a very sweet, genuine talent on our hands, as Jacqueline continues to prove that she is one to watch with her beautifully styled and progressive portfolio; and I expect nothing but great things for her in the near-future!

To view more of her work, check out http://www.jacquelineharriet.com/
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Enjoy! And have a great weekend, everyone! <3

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