Friday, November 19, 2010

Hello, Pinkage! (Meet Our First Sponsor!)

As a lot of you know, I had the luxury of getting my hair done this week...

Except... I didn't really. I faked it! With my new Pinkage Full Hair Barbieholic Wig in Redwine! So no, it isn't real, but it sure does look like it, huh? And that brings me to an exciting announcement for Muffin Top Baby... Pinkage is now our first, official sponsor!!!

As an individual of mixed ethnicity, I was both blessed and cursed with very kinky-curly hair. Not only that, but it's thick with a texture that can be really hard to manage. I love to switch up my look too, but my hair really limits me to what I can do. Bleaching and dyeing is incredibly damaging and causes frizz/breakage, and straightening is just as harmful on hair as it is time-consuming - it takes me nearly two and half hours to do my whole head by myself - and when I'm finished, it never lays the way I want it to and the ends always look horrible. It's definitely not a pretty sight... All I really wanted though was some variety, to be able to wear a different style sometimes, but without doing something permanent that I might regret later, and something quick, easy, and painless to manage. Was that too much to ask?

So, tired of the time it takes to do my hair and the poor results I get anyway, I began to look into getting a wig. Now, wearing a wig might seem like a strange idea to some of you, but in cultures such as African American and Asian cultures, where their hair can be a little harder to work with/maintain, it's perfectly acceptable to sport wigs. In fact, in places like China, Japan, and Korea, more and more young women are rocking wigs on a daily basis as a way to switch up their style without causing permanent damage to their natural hair. (And if you think about it, a wig is really just like a giant, all-over set of extensions!) So when I told Pinkage of my hair woes, they sent me some wonderful product to review, and they loved Muffin Top Baby so much that they wanted to team up together, which was incredibly exciting! So, if you're like me and always searching for a quick, easy, and affordable way to switch up your look, then search no further!

Get to know the lovely folks at Pinkage!

A small company out of Korea, Pinkage makes and ships fabulous beauty and hair products for the frugal, trendy, and girly. They specialize in fashion wigs and extensions and carry a variety of synthetic and human hair full wigs and 3/4 wigs for a dramatic change. Clip-in bangs/fringes, ponytails, and buns are also available if you're looking for something simpler, as well as full sets of extensions for those of you who may just want to add some extra length to your already gorgeous mane. What REALLY sets Pinkage apart though is their undeniably cute style, their great attention to detail, and the top quality of the products they have to offer.

The lovely folks at Pinkage strive to create the very best, only using the best in premium grade synthetic Kanekalon hair (a Japanese fiber that can actually be styled with low-heat styling tools) in some of the most trendy cuts and colors out there. Their full wigs even come complete with "skin" tops, which mimic the look of a scalp to make your wig appear all the more real. Indeed, every day it seems they are developing something newer and greater than the last, including their latest Platinum Blonde color series, a novel "Root Gradation" wig for the "Ombre" look, and their new Supreme and Luxe grade hair, which can withstand medium and high-heat styling tools without ruining the fibers - unlike other synthetic wigs that are plastic and will burn if you attempt to use a curling iron or flat iron on them.

A day at Pinkage HQ...

Needless to say, I am in love with my Pinkage wig. It's stylish, realistic, and makes my life easier. Mine came in a divine color called "Redwine" which is a very natural-looking Deep Red/Brown and completely exclusive to Pinkage. The long, ruffled, wavy bang-style is called "Barbieholic" (another exclusive) and is available in Dark Brown/Black, Choco Brown/Rich Brown, and Two-Tone Brown, which is a Medium Brown with Orange undertones for a truly realistic look. All of their colors - which also includes Jessica Yellow, a color between Blonde and Brown, like Strawberry Blonde, and now their new Platinum Blonde - are gorgeous and natural-looking, making matching your hair color a breeze!

They have mastered the art of the natural look with their highlights and lowlights, giving each wig a great, dynamic texture so that you get the most out of your color. The synethetic Kanekalon is heavenly to the touch and feels even better than real hair! Silky and smooth in the most perfect way, and the shine! Oh my goodness... The sheen of their wigs is beautiful, the perfect amount that looks like you were born with naturally gorgeous, healthy hair, and not so that it looks plastic and fake, like most synthetics. Mine is a Premium Grade fiber, which can withstand low heat from a curling iron or straightener. They also carry Common Grade and Medium/Mixed Grade as well, which can't take heat, but are just as lovely all the same! Then there are their Supreme and Luxe Grade fibers too, which are a little more expensive, but can take medium and even high heat from heat styling tools. A true advancement in hair care products!

I wore my wig out and about the past few days to test drive it and let me tell you I've received nothing but compliments! People assume its real and a girl at Forever 21 with a really adorable Pixie Cut even told me I had the most beautiful hair she'd ever seen. She also confessed that sometimes she wished she hadn't "chopped her's all off" and when she asked me what salon I go to; she couldn't believe it when I told her the truth! Then, just last night at the The Citizen Hotel's first ever Girl's Night Out, I got compliment after compliment on my new 'do. As much as I wished it was mine though, I told them the truth, and their chins nearly touched the floor! They seriously couldn't believe it wasn't real. Needless to say I spent a good amount of time letting people touch it and examine it for themselves, which only seemed to further their amazement. And I'll admit, the attention felt fabulous! Lol!

Check out some of Pinkage's top-selling styles!
(1. Pinkage Softtext Natural Shaggy Wave Full Hair Wig in Chocolate Brown, $53.99 / 2. Pinkage Medium Straight Full Hair Wig in Natural Black, $36.54 / 3. Pinkage Tokyo Holiday "Iceberry" Glam Wave Full Hair Wig in Milk Brown (special limited time color), $79.99 / 4. Pinkage Gradation Root Natural Wave "CoCoCurl" Full Hair Wig in Two-Tone Brown, $108.80 / 5. Pinkage Full Hair Barbieholic Wig in Redwine, $74.99)

If you're still unsure if a wig is right for you, ask yourself these questions: How much money do you spend at the salon a month? Every six months? A year? How much money do you spend on dye to do-it-yourself at home? How much time does it take you to do your hair in the morning or before you go out? And do you ever truly get the results you really wanted with that straightener or curling iron? If you're looking for an easy, affordable way to switch up your look, this is it. Personally, the thought of spending upwards of $60 at the salon or wasting money on another box of dye or bleach every three weeks kills me (and my wallet), so... Why not get your money's worth and treat yourself to a beautiful Pinkage wig? Or at least some of their gorgeous clip-in extensions? (Believe me, your hair will thank you later.) They have a shell life of 4-6 months after all and they retain their perfect style, so you can skip the salon visits. There are so many stylish cuts to choose from! And you won't have to worry about color fade or touching up your roots due to out-growth, nor spend hours in the bathroom on your hair!

This is an especially great investment for other girls out there who have thick, curly hair like mine. Using flat irons is both time-consuming AND damaging, and usually you still don't achieve that nice, sleek, straight look. Even with a top-quality straightener, after 2 hours of fighting with a flat iron, my mane always looks brittle and the ends fried and chewed up. But with my Pinkage wig, I can just cap my hair and put it on, and I'm set to go! No one can even tell! As we all know, great hair is just another accessory in every serious fashionista's arsenal, like a Burberry bag or a Betsey Johnson pendant necklace. I've always dreamed of having long, lustrous, wavy hair and now I do! And you can too! Just shop Pinkage instead!

Say 'Hello!'

Hello, Pinkage! :}

Join me in welcoming this amazing company to the MFB family! They are offering 5% OFF to all Muffin Top Baby subscribers and a FREE Wig Accessory gift package with your purchase of a full wig at their international customer-friendly wholesale shop on Ebay. Just use the code 'MUFFINTOP123' with your purchase at check out! Or, you can take advantage of their current 15% OFF sale on select items (only six days left!) in the store, in celebration of their newest Supreme Grade Hair Launch! Either way, be sure to let them know I sent you! <3

xoxo coco


  1. Omg! Looks so real and amazing. Wow!
    Love it!

  2. You got a wig! Goodness, it's adorable.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Coco! Love the color :)


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