Monday, November 15, 2010

Purple Teardrops I Cry.

(F21 necklace, "Secret Garden" top by The Avenue, my own cutoff shorts,
and of course my trusty thigh high stockings and F21 pumps lol)

Here's a much over-do outfit post for you guys! Yesterday, my little sister Brooklyn participated in a town-wide competition, in which she sang an awesome vocal rendition of "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga. She won third, though I truly believe she should've gotten first (and thats not me just being biased because she's blood). She took home $200 though, which was a surprisingly better prize than second place, which was a dinky party karaoke machine? I digress... I was so proud of her. Especially for breaking out of her shell on stage and melting the faces of every audience member.

My mom actually recorded it too. Sorry about the poor, sideways view, she took it with her camera phone, but check it out anyhow:

I think my sister actually sang it better than Gaga, but to each her own <3

In other news...

I bought this really UH-MAZING vintage fur collar that I absolutely cannot wait to show you guys! Words can't describe how killer it is and I've not seen any other collars like it yet, so to say that I'm 'excited' is an under-statement. Also! I'm getting my hair done this week (yay me! Hehe!) AND I have big news for the blog to share with all of you this coming weekend! So stay tuned, lovelies!

xoxo coco


  1. Ahh you look soo lovely!

  2. Your sister has a beautiful voice! Diggin your stockings.

  3. D'aw, your little sister is too cute! AND she can sing (:

    And your shoes are awesome too! I just learned that there's going to be a f21 opening in Davis soon.. Might be dangerous.

  4. That's awesome! Your sister is freakin' adorable.

  5. Shes awesome...congrats to her!

  6. i like the first picture!!xxx

  7. How did I get so far behind in my Muffintop Baby reading? I have to come back and catch up. You look adorable, ADORABLE!!!


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