Thursday, July 12, 2012

Long time, no post!

Hello to all my followers! Its been a while, hasn't it?

As some of you know, I've had a lot on my plate since last year when my parents announced they were moving to Italy. Its been a little rough, but I've been a busy bee trying to get things together in preparation for my move to SoCal, arranging work and a place to stay. Luckily, I've found the latter, but I'm still working on the former. I'm also in the midst of building up my wardrobe stylist portfolio and have had a lot of fun (and success) in doing so over the past several months!

Curious as to what I've been up to? Here's a peek!

To see more, check out wardrobe stylist blog: Jet Blonde

While I'm not closing Muffin Top Baby, I will be updating this new one more frequently as I produce more work. So be sure to check it out/follow to keep up with me and all my photoshoot adventures!

All my love,
- K

Sunday, April 29, 2012

april showers

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"Icarus" by White Hinterland

The weather has been wonderful here in Sac lately. We started out a bit rocky around late March, early April, but now as its getting closer to May we find ourselves with lots of gorgeous (albeit hot) sunshine so yesterday I had an impromptu "photoshoot" out on the street. (Please ignore my roots XD) Now today on the other was a great day for thrifting! So I took my little sister and her friend to Thrift Town where we literally 'went to town' on the all the great finds and prices...

You can almost guarantee you'll walk away several items under $15 after a trip to TT--good for your closet, bad for your wallet if you've got loads of extra cash to spend. Today, I did not in fact have much on me save for a few dollars in tips I made the other night at work and with said green; I was able to walk away with a beautiful, sheer mint button up collar blouse, an AMAZING lavender blazer, and a pair of high-waisted Levi's (that seemed to fit oh-so-perfectly) that I plan to DIY this week for some NG-inspired cutoff shorts.

In other news, I will be shooting with my friend Ashlee tomorrow! (Check out her blog on my blogroll: spooks + scales) We're going to do a great Lolita inspired photoshoot. Can't wait to hang with and photograph her again; its been too long and she's such a talented individual! She's a fellow mermaid-at-heart too! Hopefully its not too hot tomorrow--I don't want her melting like a popsicle in this soon-to-be-summer heat! :)

xoxo Coco

tonight, we are young

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"We Are Young" by FUN

This past week was a busy one. I shot with Mr. John Danger (pictured above, with the curly hair) and we did some amazing film work together. (I can't wait to see the results!) I took my camera as well so I could photograph him for my "Portrait of a Photographer" series which I plan to revive over the next coming months. The last one I did was of miss Jacqueline Harriet and I loved how they turned out... Then I shot again with my good friend Danny Fung (the handsome Asian gentleman with "swag" reminiscent of James Dean) who I will be collaborating with as a stylist on a shoot for Glacier Magazine for the June edition. Its been a while since I've done any styling like that--the last time I think was when I was visiting Katie and Brad and Farley down in LA. Needless to say, I'm definitely looking forward to it :)

Here's a sneak peek from my shoot with Danny! (Wearing my new, super-awesome poncho!)

Danny and his camera are amazing--and so are you guys! <3

xoxo coco