Thursday, October 28, 2010

Style Me Pretty. (Goodbye Spring.)

I know its been a few days since I posted anything of substance, I've just been a little... Mmm, how you say 'sidetracked' with a bunch of other things, which I'm super sorry about, guys! I hate to go without new entires though (it bothers me, seeing such a huge gap of time since the last time I posted) so I thought I would post something to sort of tied you all over until I can get up another fashion journal post up. So, without further ado, here are some photos from a wedding inspiration shoot I was involved in earlier this year (Spring time) that was featured on the website Style Me Pretty, pretty much the ultimate in wedding inspiration blogs.







(Style Me Pretty: Celebration of Spring Inspiration Shoot 
and to see more photos from the shoot, check out  the full galleryhere!)

These aren't of my real wedding, mind you. (Don't get me started on that lol) Just a board put together by wedding vendors in the area as inspiration - and as further reasons why you should hire them to do your wedding! Lol! The top hat I'm wearing was my own creation, the belt, not so much. That credit goes to Audrey at Botanica Florals. The dress was provided by Wish Bridal, the coordinating by Pizzazz!, and the photography was done by Carmen Salazar. My very, very, very cute Groom in the bumble bee necktie is Jesse, which I picked out, along with the floral kerchief. He was wearing a tux by a local tailor here in town named Ryan, who is incredibly talented and makes custom suits and tuxes. Oh, and did I mention my groom was cute? I don't know, I might have...

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Friday, October 22, 2010

On Fields & Fields Of Flowery Graves; Thats Where You'll Find Me.

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(Vintage wedding dress from Kitten Paws Vintage, thrifted BC Footwear boots, Victoria's Secret Garter Belt, nude seamline stockings purchased online from Lucy B, flower ribbon-belt handmade by moi)

My dress from Kitten Paws Vintage came. I feel very girly in it, although I have to say that wearing it is a little bitter-sweet. (It's a long story, I won't get into details.) It's vintage perfection in a very pale, peachy-cream color that I just adore. The gathered sweetheart bust and the tulle make me feel so flirty too. I'll admit: today I didn't do much, but the way I see it; that's no excuse not to dress up. Lol. Besides, I can't just sit around and mope! Instead, two very productive things I did do included making homemade "whoopi" cakes and doing this mini shoot with my mom to get my mind off of things.

Also, there's a very interesting story behind the doll in that last shot. My mom made it for me when I was little, and whilst sewing, she stuck herself with the needle on accident and bled a little on it, and the stain it left was in the distinct shape of a tiny heart. What's more odd, is that the stain is right where the heart would be. She ended up sewing a gold heart charm with a ruby in it on top, but you can still see the stain to this day <3

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Was That Mysterious Moustached Woman?

I like to wear my old prom dress when I want to feel good. When I put this thing on, it makes me feel fun, flirty, and girly and love it! It didn't look anything like that back when I first bought it. It was this floor length tulle mess, which the tulle was completely destroyed, as was the slip underneath, so of course as with all things ugly; I took it home with me. Lolol. I upcycled it by taking what was left of the glittery gold polkadot overlay and added it to the bust, shortened the slip underneath to a tea length, and then made a brand new tulle skirt for it, which is also a removeable tutu.

Originally, back in 2008, I wanted something different than the rest of the girls in my class would be wearing. I'd really, really, really wanted a Betsey Johnson, but they were too expensive, and I couldn't find a vintage 40s/50s style prom dress in my size, so I tried to DIY my own BJ SS08 Prom wear. I guess I got it right too, because all the girls in my class kept asking me if it was a Betsey. Granted, I'm not wearing the gold ribbon and flower cumberbun in these shots (so its not really the dress in entirety), but I still love it. In case you never had the chance to see, here are just a few photos from Betsey Johnson's Spring/Summer 08 Ready-to-wear collection, the inspiration behind my old prom dress:


Yesterday I also took a tip from Proenza Schuller, and paired my dress with a sleek black sweater and some black thigh high stockings. Today, I anxiously await the arrival of the newest addition to my family (my wardrobe, really lol). It should be here today, I HOPE its here to day, but you can bet your sweet bippies that I'll be posting when it does! <3

xoxo coco

Dreaming of a Retro Island Getaway.

As I'm sitting at my computer waiting for my afro to dry, I find myself falling over and over again, head-over-heels in love with the Christian Dior SS11 Ready-to-wear line. I'm a huge fan of vintage, especially from the early to mid century, so when I saw that the collection incorporated 40s and 50s styles into modern couture looks on the runway, I couldn't help but swoon, but of course; why wouldn't I? When John Galliano is the genius behind the collection, hm?

My favorite looks had to have been from the evening wear, here are just a few of them:


This is my favorite kind of Galliano: ultra feminine and vintage-inspired. Don't get me wrong, I love all of his work, but I do prefer his softer, womanly looks over his harder edged ones; and this ready-to-wear line he designed for Christian Dior, from its sailor inspired suits (complete with sailor hats) to its hula cutie cuts, is nothing short of chic. I applaud Galliano and CD for their subtle hints of Atomic, Hawaiian prints and punches of electrifying Kool-Aid colors, something thats been missing from a lot of the other Spring and Summer shows this season, which have for the most part shied away from the warm and hot; sticking to mostly cool, muted pastels and vintage flowery prints.

I especially love the styling and mood of the show, which was reminiscent of a retro island getaway and inspired thoughts of volcanic goddesses, surfing with Duke Kahanamoku, and sacrificing cheesecake cuties to the mighty King Kong. As a model who dabbles part time in pin-uppery, I am just downright in love with these styles and I'm looking forward to incorporating them into my Spring/Summer wardrobe! (I'm also severely missing my 'Bettie' fringe right now lol) So whether you'll be in Hawaii or Tahiti drinking Rum and Coke-a-cola or not, I think every lady could do herself a favor this Summer with at least one of these tropical looks in their closet...

Finally! A way to do Tiki without looking like a cheesy tourist. Thanks, Galliano! <3

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome To The Black Parade.

Today we saw rain in Sacramento. The change in weather is rather extreme compared to the heat that was still bombarding us not two days ago, but I can honestly say that now its beginning to feel like Fall. Personally, I'm a Spring and Summer girl, but Autumn does have its own romantic, mysterious qualities that I like, more importantly that I love the bewitching holiday fast approaching us and I cannot wait for Halloween. (Although I've still no idea what to be.)

The overhead gray today made me feel very somber in a way, but despite the slight chill, I donned this funeral-esque take on the lingerie as outerwear look (which seemed rather fitting for the mood of the season) as I ran a few errands. Now that I'm home though, I'm enjoying a hazelnut coffee and homemade tree bark - a thin layer of melted down white chocolate sprinkled with pistachios, cashews, and craisins that you let cool in the fridge, YUM - listening to football on the t.v. and loitering on my computer. Nothing major to report, though I am excited to say that I have some awesome features planned for the blog coming up over the next couple of weeks! I also really had to share this very obviously (and very awesome) Lydia Deetz-inspired editorial by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue. (You can see more at

(Brought to you by

I especially love the last look, because its so classic Lydia... Mariacarla Boscono has such an amazing face and I'm not gonna lie; the whole thing kinda makes me want to die my hair jet black and lazily chop my bangs. I also really want to watch Beetle Juice. Lol. <3


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