Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blast From The Past.

With all the talk of fashion week, I can't help but reminisce about some of the amazing collections that have previously graced the runway. It got me thinking about which ones I admired most... And one of my hands-down, all-time favorites EVER had to have been John Galliano's Ready-to-wear from Spring/Summer 2008.

(c. Marcio Madeira/VOGUE.COM)

Ever the theatrical snob, John Galliano's pieces flounced down the boardwalk in a scene right out of the history book pages of the prohibition era; with obscure songstress Robyn's old time-y "Jack You Off" at the top. It set the stage for a very nostalgic show, which seemed more like a 1930s stage revue with its glitz and glam and subtle hints of classic burly-q. The models looked like black and white cartoon characters colorfully come-to-life as they frolicked, some hand-in-hand, in vintage-inspired cuts, frothy tulle, and feminine lace, through a magical, made-up world that Galliano and his genuis art director conjured up for us; complete with seagulls, a working carousel, and very real, very cute sailors. Welcome to Boardwalk Empire with a just little more glitter (alright, a lot more).

You wanna see how John Galliano does business, show your face in Paris again <3

xoxo coco


  1. gotta love galliano


  2. I love this show)))
    Very nice post!!!

  3. this is inspiring for me. I'm trying to design a line for a Victorian era character and I'm pulling from the Victorian ruffles and construction but trying to modernize it without making it look too burlesque. I really love the way this line has a ton of construction but the wispy fabric makes it so modern, feminine and and airy. Maybe I'll do something like that for my assignment.


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