Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gifted, Thrifted

(Vintage drop-waist uniform, gift from a friend, F21 shoes and tights, thrifted chain, hair ribbon borrowed from a friend. Photos taken by mom.)

Today was sort of a blah day. I went downtown with my mom to help her clean out her office as the studio is switching locations, thus her boutique will be going with it. I'm excited about the new studio and can't wait to test it out. Its so roomy and the lighting is to die for! I did get my armoire mirror back though, which was nice, because now I can actually see what I look like when I dress myself and step outside. Lol. Plus it makes my bedroom feel complete again. I loaned the mirror out to her several months ago, because she needed one for her brides when they try on gowns. Anyhoo! This is what I wore today on our excursion. I felt a bit like Pippi Longstocking (in a good way) to be honest with you, but I also felt good nonetheless. I always feel good in red lipstick and platform pumps. :}

TIP OF THE DAY: Try on some red lips and platform pumps for the day. You'll feel like a million bucks <3

xoxo coco

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