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So along with the swimsuit I posted earlier, here is a small list of my current fashion industry crushes; what I'm currently obsessing over like there's no tomorrow!


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I've really been envying Kelly Osbourne's premature gray, but I especially love the faint hint of purple in it--which is achieved with a light Lavender wash, just in case you were wondering. (Any salon can do it for you.) Others who have recently been spotted donning the same do' are Kelis, Lady Gaga, and supermodel Katherine McNamany. Now, I love my red don't get me wrong, but if I could; I would go Silver in a heartbeat. Unfortunately it'd fry my curls and I can't have that, now can I? =P


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I'm crushing sooo, super hard on these platform pumps by Gee WaWa. So fierce. I love the contrasting look it creates--it makes the feet look clunky and the legs so petite, sort of like Bratz dolls. Lolol. The leather gives them a rough rider sort of look though, which makes them so awesome. You could easily combine the girly girl look with the tough chick look by pairing them with a pretty and delicate neutral-colored maxi and a leather jacket or an acid-wash jean jacket, like the military style a'la Pierre Balmain! (As pictured above :D)

P.S. A flowy, empire-waist style like the maxi shown above is a great way for us curvy girls to take attention away from the love handles and the muffin tops. As well, the look is sort of a throw-back to Ancient Greece and the ultra figure-flattering styles the noblewomen wore; and will make you look positively divine. You'll undoubtedly rival Aphrodite herself in a sweet and super feminine style like this!


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The look of sheer lace against the female form is so sophisticatedly sexy in a simple way, its very subtly seductive I think and something I've always loved the look of. So of course, I was positively elated to see this style as a staple of the Christian Dior Spring 2010 collection. And while the floral silk slips they featured throughout the show may be too springy for fall, I do plan on incorporating lots of just-rightly-see-through lace in my fall wardrobe this season.


A deliciously awesome designer, when I saw pictures from her Fall 2010 show I seriously swooned. Especially the layered looks she showed off; pairing charming summer dresses with cropped sweaters and turtlenecks and thigh high stockings. The look was sharp to say the least and definitely a great reason to hang onto your summer minis. Needless to say, I will be trying this look for myself! Her other collections are just as charming, incorporating school girl style with clean lines and plaid patterns.


(c. Ford Models, Boss Models, Rachel Waniewski)
Scientists say that over the next 100 years, via natural selection redheads will be prized even more than they are now. Within the industry, its almost already a phenomenon to come across a ginger model (and I say 'ginger' with love). Striking, natural hair colors like red and blonde are already viewed as exceptional due to the escalating rate of the inter-marrying and mixing of different races; but red in particular will soon be sorely missed. (Blonde is estimated to last significantly longer than it's crimson counterpart) What's more rare are the 'ethnic' redheads which make up an even smaller percentage of the world's population. Almost a sub-let of the redhead gene, ethnic redheads like Sabina Karlsson and Carmen Solomons are far and few, and a hot commodity in the fashion world.

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