Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I noticed on everyone else's blogs that they have nifty little banners. Some are just words, some are pictures, but looking at my own bare bones blogster I couldn't help but feel like I needed one too. So, miss muffin top baby was born :}

Since this is a fashion blog, I wanted to incorporate that, hence the fashion croquis. I was dead set on using a plus size croquis though, which was incredibly hard to find btw (took me an hour and thirty-seven minutes), but I did and it was all thanks to a dedredhead on DeviantArt. I also chose a blueberry crumble, because A. They are delicious and B. I always say that everyone has a different type of muffin top and mine is exactly that; a blueberry crumble!

That being said, leave a comment and tell me what type of muffin top you've got! <3

Now I'm off to re-decorate my room...

xoxo coco

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