Friday, October 15, 2010

Soft & Hard.

(Keyhole cardigan souvenir from Paris, vintage blue satin swimsuit, pink stud and zipper heels from Dollhouse, F21 two-finger pink rhinestone ring, polkadot sweet nothings convertable clutch/purse from White House, Black Market)

Straightening my hair takes forever to do, so when I actually do it, I always make sure to crunch in as much action while it still looks nice; and before it starts to fluff up and get raggedy looking. Plus, I had a meeting today and for some reason, straight hair looks more professional to people than curly. Curly has some weird stigma to it, I've found, and people automatically assume you're kooky and weird in a bad way and probably spend your time reading palms and tea leaves like you're Professor Trelawney or something. I actually read about some study regarding 'straight hair vs. curly' and it was scientifically proven that initially, even men prefer the look of straight hair over curly hair. The sheen of straight hair reads as a sign of healthiness and richness, which subconciously told men that a woman with straight hair would make a great potential mate. Curly hair doesn't have the same effect because of its shape and texture. Anyway!

The past few days I've been watching nothing but teen movies from the 90s and was moved to style my hair in what I've lovingly dubbed 'The Sarah Michelle Gellar' for the day. Can I just say how adorably innocent and sweet-looking the down-the-middle, tucked-behind-the-ear part is? I love that. Thanks to Miss Vampire Slayer herself for the inspiration! As for my outfit... I kind of wanted to do something that was both soft and subtly hard, so I decided to don my favorite vintage satin sunsuit and cardigan (a souvenir I picked up while in Paris) with scalloped collar and crystal buttons, and my favorite pink Dollhouse heels, complete with tons of studs and zippers. I topped it all off with my W&B polkadot clutch with the convertable chain I got for Christmas last year <3

xoxo coco

P.S. I'm always amazed how my hair color never looks the same lol


  1. Those are killer shoes!
    I bought my dress in a local store, thanks for comment

  2. hi dear :)

    Great blog, love it <3

    Ivânia Diamond*

  3. wow the satin suit is amazing, and u look gorgeous!

  4. HELLO lovely. Thanks so much for leaving a comment on Street Style Sacramento. I also blog for the Citizen Rosebud, and have started a Sacto Fashion blogger group on facebook and WANT you to join. So look me up on FB would ya, and friend me. Let's get you part of this, yah?

    peace, love, free kittens. -Bella Q

  5. great attitude to the look x


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