Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Favorite Color For Fall.

So its safe to say that officially, my favorite color for the Fall season is . . .

*drum roll please*

Nude. Thats right, Nude.

(Frilled Slip Dress by Cheap Monday, Nasty Gal Vintage / Diana Creem Sheer Blouse, Ayla Ivory Drape One Sleeve Dress, Dixi)

Colors like Nude, Creme, Khaki, Ivory and Beige are the perfect way to do subtle-sexy. Why? Because flesh-tones automatically make the brain think of just that; your birthday suit. They're also very romantic and playful and trigger thoughts of warm lips against blushing cheeks. (They'll make the boys swoon and wonder just what it'd be like to very sweetly hold your hand!) Personally, I think every girl should have at least one flesh-tone (and a little see-through) piece in their wardrobe this season. Pair them with acid wash jeans, a leather jacket, lace, or any rich, royal colors to make the most of your sheer brilliance!

xoxo coco

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  1. I completely agree with you. Nude is so fall. I think it's a tough one between nude colours or with dark rich colours like chocolate browns etc. You're right, see through things - fuccck droool. Perfect and so chic, always.


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