Thursday, December 30, 2010

Please Don't Make This Harder. (No, I Won't Yet.)

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"What Ever Happened?" by The Strokes

And I can't remember who all of these painted ladies are (or the artists), I found most of them
scattered across the internet, but they sure are beautiful, aren't they?

I hate not being able to sleep. When insomnia strikes so does my creativity and for some reason I was feeling very historical and whimsical at 3:57AM. I felt this really nerdy need to put on some of my costumes and take photos, so I did. Lol. I've been feeling super inspired by classical artwork lately, especially paintings from the Renaissance/Baroque/Georgian eras; when fashion was the epitome of femininity. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time (just for one day at least) and live the life a Courtier or a Dauphine of 18th Century France. The clothes they wore were so eleborate and grandiose! I always die a little inside every time I watch Marie Antoinette XD Anyhoo! The first shot came out super blurry, but I like it for some weird reason. I really love the firefly look of the Christmas lights especially. That Green dress in the first two shots is an empire-waisted gown that I hand-sewed myself, the blue brocade dress in the last shot is a costume a friend of mine made, and I always feel very Ever After in them both :}

In other news... I was asked to contribute to a new magazine thats launching in January! They asked me to send in some photos to one of their features for the first issue, so I'm working on that right now. AND I'm meeting with an agency tomorrow! They really like my look and they actually already booked me for a gig next week! I'm so excited! I seriously can't wait. I have to admit though... I'm feeling a little worried/self-concious, because the day after my birthday; I woke up to a breakout all over my face from this Lancome foundation I had tried out. (EEK!) I'm still recovering too. Its cleared up a lot already, but usually my skin is so not pimple-y and red, it's really freaking me out to see so many of them now. Lol. Here's hoping the regiment I've been doing will make good by tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

xoxo coco

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Don't Care What the Calendars Say: I Wish It Was Christmas Today.

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"I Wish It Was Christmas Today" by
Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan, and Tracy Morgan

I can't believe Christmas was just here. It came and went like nobody's business and I find myself wishing I could do it all over again! (Minus the getting sick part of course ;P) Like most, I spent the day with family, opening gifts and eating lots of treats (I still have plenty left in my stocking that I'm currently snacking on as I write this), our gathering was even complete with Elvis Christmas tunes, which always makes for a great atmosphere! And although the tree is still up, I did Grinch the lights last night and used them decorate my room. (I told my mom I would, so she can't be mad at me XD)

I had a wonderful time with my parents and my (step?)grandparents, who are always a blast to hang out with it! They gave me some green stuff for my birthday and Christmas, so I went shopping yesterday, which I hate going to the mall right after the holiday, but it had to be done; if I wanted good deals that is. Lol. My sister and I went to the Roseville Galleria for the first time and shopped the huge Forever 21 they have there. The place is a seperate two story building from the mall, with its own escalators and elevators (its HUGE), and it was SWAMPED. I couldn't noticing that they had every other F21 collection available except for F21+, but luckily I did manage to find a few really cute pieces in my size that weren't too wiggly:

I love the Black Chiffon button up with the lace-embellished frilled collar. I was really worried at first that it wouldn't fit, but luckily its one of those slightly over-sized pieces that kinda hangs rather than clings, and I have a very flat derriere, so I'm guessing thats why the skirt fit XD The top is sooo sheer though. I had to buy a corselette-bra to go underneath, which I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a 36D. Yay me! Lol! I ordered a pair of the Jessica Simpson Dany's too since they're on sale right now! ($69.99 from $98.00 with free shipping 'til January 11th :D) And also an amazing sweater from with some really cool leggings... I'm so excited for my mini wardrobe makeover! Buuut now I have to wait for everything else to come in the mail and its killing me lol

And because she knows I'm a sucker for pretty-smelling things, my mom stuffed my stocking with Citrus Blossom soap - it smells like the Jasmine flowers that used to grow outside of our house in Huntington Beach, so of course I'm head-over-heels for it - and some more of my "signature" scent since she knew I was running low. I love my mom, she gives the best gifts :}

Speaking of family...

The mean family dog (Ginger) and I want to wish you all the Happiest of Holidays! ;D

What was your guys' favorite part of Christmas this year? Any fun plans for NYE?

xoxo coco

Monday, December 27, 2010

Shop The Pinkage 'Adieu 2010' Sale!

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"White Christmas" by Elvis

I hope you all had a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! I myself enjoyed a great day with my parents and (step?)grandparents, which consisted of eating tasty treats and listening to Elvis Christmas songs :} Now that it's over though and the New Year is fast approaching (only 4 days until NYE!!!), to celebrate saying goodbye to 2010; MTB's sponsor Pinkage is having a great sale over at their Ebay store!

Until December 31st enjoy 15% OFF select items throughout the Pinkage Ebay Store! With so many fun styles to choose from, you too can ring in the New Year with a New Look! (I know I had a blast changing up my look with my Pinkage wig!) And be sure to check out some of these awesome new styles for sale :D

(The "Christmas Eve" Full Hair Wig $68.99 + FREE SHIPPING)

(Thick Swing Wave 12 Peice 22" Clip-in Hair Extension $59.99 + FREE SHIPPING)

(Chignon Bun Drawstring Hairpiece $27.99 + FREE SHIPPING)

(Clip in Hair Extensions Chic Bangs in "2 Tone Brown" $16.99 + FREE SHIPPING )

Happy shopping! <3

xoxo coco

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You Oughta Know #2: Andrea Kett, Artist

As we all know, inspiration for fashion can come in many different shapes and forms, and for me, personally, that can be no truer than it is with art. I gather a lot of inspiration, fashion-wise, from visual imagery like hand-drawings, cartoons, pictorials, classic renderings, etc... From royalty in 18th century paintings to Art Deco pinups of the 1930s, art provides many a muse for this muffin top! And thanks to one artist in particular, I find myself feeling ever the femme fatale of fashion!

(Right: "OOh Fancy" by Andrea Kett)

Meet Andrea Kett. Currently based in the UK, she is an Irish artist who specializes in "Superior Smut" that is sure to knock your seam-line stockings off! Her artwork is girl power epitomized, inspired by 18th century dauphins and 30s and 40s pinup girls, and is a whimsical mixture of vintage glamor and witty pop art that transports you back to a time when men were men and women were women; and all that separated them was a bullet bra and fishnets!

(Left: "Newly Webs" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Viva Las Vegas" by Andrea Kett)

("Johnny Cake & Pavlova" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "Arctic Fox" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Portia Pine" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "Jelly Skelly" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Agatha Crispie" by Andrea Kett)

Andrea has been creating her whimsical greeting cards, prints, and even paper dolls for a number of years, depicting all manner of fabulously outrageous characters such as pretty pinups, posh pirates, zombie burlesqueteers, mischevious mermaids and devilish brutes. Each one of her characters has its own signature personality, which makes her work all the more charming as she infuses classic metaphors and analogies in the most playful of ways, breathing new life into the buxom beauties throughout history.

(Left: "Jelly Curls" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Shrimp Cocktail" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "Polly Grip the Sweet Tooth Fairy" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Scentaur" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "Under-werewolf" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Tarzipan" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "Seasons Bleatings" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Diamonds Are a Ghoul's Best Friend" by Andrea Kett)

Andrea's inspiration comes from many different sources: the 1920s-1950s, glam rock, the music of The Cramps and The Tigerlillies, vintage pinup girls, Burlesque, John Waters films, Kenny Everett, The Moomins, Cake Decorating books, horror films, fairy tales, afternoon tea, Fellini films, Jan Svankmajer, Beatrix Potter, P.G. Wodehouse, Mapp and Lucia, Seaside tat, Woody Allen, Naughty Victoriana, Agatha Christie and Lashings of Enid Blyon.

(Left: "Fish & Chips" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Dirty Beach" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "A Jolly Good Roger" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Saucy By Sea" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "Hot Hair Balloon" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Trifle Towers" by Andrea Kett)

(Left: "Romeo & Ghouliet" by Andrea Kett, Right: "Blue Rinse" by Andrea Kett)

Miss Kett studied animation at Dun Laoighaire College of Art & Design in Dublin before finishing her studies at Bristol University and since then she has designed for a number of amazing clients! Her commissioned credits include UK shoe retailer, Kurt Geiger, leading British accessories designer, Lulu Guinness, and exotique interior designer and boutique, Sera of London and there is no doubt in my mind that we'll be seeing much more from her in the future!

Andrea's confections are tasty to say the least, and they make me want to throw on some red lipstick and lounge around in nothing but a silk dressing robe as I daintily snack on tea and petit-fours on an early Summer afternoon! There is something distinctly delicious about each and every piece that Andrea dreams up and I can't wait to order some prints of my own to decorate my girlish art gallery (a.k.a. my bedroom wall) - I just wish I had the money enough to order them all! There's a good chance that one of these may end up tattooed on my person, eventually anyway, but only when I've overcome my fear of needles of course! (Which one of these delightful dishes is your favorite?)

To view more of Andrea's work, be sure to check out her Official Website. Her prints are available in several outlets throughout the UK, Ireland and the US, and online at her Etsy shop, which is currently closed, but never fear! It will re-open on January 26th, 2011! Until then, feel free to message her on Etsy (she will be checking her inbox regularly) or contact her through her website for custom commissions...

Hope you feel as inspired as I do!

xoxo coco

Editor's Note: Information and photos taken from Andrea Kett's Official Website and Etsy.
All photos are copyright Andrea Kett. I do not claim ownership. A BIG thanks to Andrea for her permission to use them!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vintage Boudoir.

These are just some photos from a vintage boudoir style shoot I had earlier this year with Sweet Perfection Photography. Hair and makeup was all me, the slip in the first two shots and the black girdle in the last shot are mine, but all other wardrobe was provided by local boutique, Fringe Vintage. Audrey (the owner) was so awesome to lend out pieces for me to use <3

Any time I get to dress up in full vintage is a great time to me!

xoxo coco

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gifts of Birthdays' Past.

As many of you know, yesterday was my 21st birthday. (Yay me! Lol!) To celebrate, my mom made my favorite dinner - well, technically it was breakfast: Chipotle Eggs Benedict with Potatoes, Bacon, and Avocado, yum! My sister made some artwork for my room, which I absolutely love, and my mom upcycled this really awesome dress for me and bought me some matching shoes to go with it. I wore them out to Drinks and Dessert after. All in all, it wasn't a huge shindig, but it was fun nonetheless :}

(The artwork my sister made for me, now proudly hanging in my room!)

(The amazing dress my mom made! Reminds me of something Katy Perry would wear.)

I was recimiscing about past birthdays today, which got me thinking: when you breakdown my bedroom, essentially the whole thing is one giant birthday (and Christmas) gift. Its kind of funny actually: everything I've used to embellish/decorate it was a present in some way or another! So I took some pictures so you guys could see what my accumulation of birthdays and my humble piece of the household pie looks like...

(A faux panoramic of my room XD)

This is my vintage armoire; it was was a gift from my grandpa a few years ago. Originally it belonged to my great, great Grandmother, California, whom they called Cali for short. I love this, because its not only a piece of history, but its a piece of my family history, and I especially love that it still has the original department store sticker on the inside of the top right drawer. I keep all sorts of things in it and on it as you can see, including: my two favorite books, Burlesque & the Art of the Teese and Mermaids: Nymphs of the Sea, which is a collection of folklore/mythos, studies, and photos about mermaids; my perfume, My Place Or Your's, Gina by Benefit which is my signature scent; the doll and stuffed bear (my Pinkage wig sits atop its head) my mom made me when I was little; a framed photo of Johnny Depp; a vase with a dead bouquet in it (a gift from my ex that I just haven't thrown away yet, because I love the look of dead flowers to be honest); and my favorite shoes! Those sparkly silver ones are new, they're the ones my mom bought me to wear with my dress last night :D

Anybody who knows me in real life is fully aware of my undying love for Johnny Depp and I can't tell you how many people have given me Johnny memorabilia as a gift, which always rocks my world. I can guarantee that there is no bigger fan of JD in the world than me.

That handsome fellow is Schnitzel, a.k.a. one of the best birthday presents. EVER. He was my gift to myself last year and one of the the most important people in my life. Yes, I consider him a 'people', because he's more than just a pet to me; he's family. He's not very good at sitting still for pictures (this is one of the few good shots I could get of him sitting nicely), but we're working on it.

I bought Schnitzel from a lady off of Craigslist who told me he was a full Dachshund, but... She lied. He's part Dachshund and part something else (my guess is Beagle), but whatever it it is, he's all hound. I feel bad for him sometimes, because he got some wacky genes - the long Beagle body and the short Dachshund legs - which make him a total low-rider. No matter, I love him and his crazy eye. (The litter all had blue eyes when they were born that started turning brown within a couple of weeks. Schnitzel's right eye turned brown, but his left eye didn't turn all the way, so it's blue with marbles of brown and I adore it.) As far as myself and the vet know, he can see with it, though sometimes when we play fetch I do wonder XD

Yep, I've had some great birthdays.

xoxo coco

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Supersonic, Magnifique, Très Très Cool Et Très Très Chic.

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"Très Très Chic" by Mocean Worker

(Dress by Wishes*Wishes*Wishes, vintage mink collar from Etsy, black tights and rhinestone two-finger ring from F21homemade Miu Miu-inspired heels)

Today was a long and tiring day, but also very eventful! I spent most of it downtown at Très Chic Boutique (which is exactly what its name implies btw!) where I met with the proprietress, Susan, and had a blast picking out gorgeous gowns and scheming something fun and exciting for the blog. Needless to say, I'm definitely looking forward to the next few weeks, as I have all sorts of nifty things in store for you guys! I absolutely adore Susan and her Assistant Stylist, both of whom were so much fun to work with! I can't wait to meet with them again to finalize some things! I may also be working there part-time starting in January as a stylist for Prom Season, which would be UH-MAZING. I really, really hope I get the job! Keep your fingers crossed for me :}

After Très Chic, I went with my mom and sister to our favorite Sushi stop where we enjoyed some delicious rolls, then we went to Sally's to pick up some bleach and toner for my little sister, who I guess is feeling a little inspired since I went Pastel... I'm excited for her. I know she's gonna look super cute! But of course, before we got to do all this fun stuff, we had to make a trip to the DMV at an ungodly hour this morning, where I waited around for quite some time before anybody could get to me. It's okay though. The rest of the day was amazing, so it made up for the horrible experience that is the Department of Motor Vehicles - and you better believe I wore this outfit there! I had a feeling I'd be waiting a while, so I got up extra, extra (about 5:30AM extra) early in order to get all gussied up so I wouldn't be late to my meeting downtown.

When I got home a little while ago, I was put to work by my mom and cleaned the bathroom (my least favorite place), after which I curled up in one of my favorite vintage playsuits with Dita; and read what she had to say for what seems like the umteen-millionth time in Burlesque & the Art of the Teese. That book is practically my bible.

"I advocate glamour. EVERY DAY. EVERY MINUTE." - Dita Von Teese.

Seriously, that woman can do no wrong.

In other news... My 21st birthday is in 2 days! My mom is being very secretive about things too. I asked her if she bought me Conan O'Brien for my birthday and she said no, so sadly I can cross that off of my list. She keeps asking me for my measurements though? So now I'm trying to rack my brain to figure out what she could possibly be doing, or making! Lol! But I'm pretty much at a loss for ideas at this point. I guess I'll just have to wait! (Arg. Lol.)

Also, I'm so excited that you guys liked my last post so much! You left such great feedback that I plan on doing a follow up very soon! I'm super happy to hear that I was able to inspire/empower some of you too! Please, please, please remember that you are all beautiful, each and every one of you, and promise me that you'll tell yourself that every day. In fact, before you go to bed tonight, when you're brushing your teeth or taking off your makeup, I want you all to stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. That's your assignment for the night, okay?

Okay. <3

xoxo coco