Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I Don't Care What the Calendars Say: I Wish It Was Christmas Today.

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I can't believe Christmas was just here. It came and went like nobody's business and I find myself wishing I could do it all over again! (Minus the getting sick part of course ;P) Like most, I spent the day with family, opening gifts and eating lots of treats (I still have plenty left in my stocking that I'm currently snacking on as I write this), our gathering was even complete with Elvis Christmas tunes, which always makes for a great atmosphere! And although the tree is still up, I did Grinch the lights last night and used them decorate my room. (I told my mom I would, so she can't be mad at me XD)

I had a wonderful time with my parents and my (step?)grandparents, who are always a blast to hang out with it! They gave me some green stuff for my birthday and Christmas, so I went shopping yesterday, which I hate going to the mall right after the holiday, but it had to be done; if I wanted good deals that is. Lol. My sister and I went to the Roseville Galleria for the first time and shopped the huge Forever 21 they have there. The place is a seperate two story building from the mall, with its own escalators and elevators (its HUGE), and it was SWAMPED. I couldn't noticing that they had every other F21 collection available except for F21+, but luckily I did manage to find a few really cute pieces in my size that weren't too wiggly:

I love the Black Chiffon button up with the lace-embellished frilled collar. I was really worried at first that it wouldn't fit, but luckily its one of those slightly over-sized pieces that kinda hangs rather than clings, and I have a very flat derriere, so I'm guessing thats why the skirt fit XD The top is sooo sheer though. I had to buy a corselette-bra to go underneath, which I was pleasantly surprised to find they had a 36D. Yay me! Lol! I ordered a pair of the Jessica Simpson Dany's too since they're on sale right now! ($69.99 from $98.00 with free shipping 'til January 11th :D) And also an amazing sweater from Wholesale-Dress.net with some really cool leggings... I'm so excited for my mini wardrobe makeover! Buuut now I have to wait for everything else to come in the mail and its killing me lol

And because she knows I'm a sucker for pretty-smelling things, my mom stuffed my stocking with Citrus Blossom soap - it smells like the Jasmine flowers that used to grow outside of our house in Huntington Beach, so of course I'm head-over-heels for it - and some more of my "signature" scent since she knew I was running low. I love my mom, she gives the best gifts :}

Speaking of family...

The mean family dog (Ginger) and I want to wish you all the Happiest of Holidays! ;D

What was your guys' favorite part of Christmas this year? Any fun plans for NYE?

xoxo coco


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment my beautiful Coco. Love all your photos soooooooooooooo much.
    Un abrazo and Happy 2011 my friend.
    Ps:- your page takes ages to load, it could be due to having more than 4 posts on the front page, just letting you know.

  2. OMG! I have the SAME black chiffon button up top . What a co-incidence. Woohoo! From forever 21 - its totallly one of my favorites too! :)


  3. I so love the last pic!! Made me giggle.

    And you're so lucky to go in an actual F21 shop, thus not having to rely only on the online one! Plus, I really like all the things you got.

    The Hearabouts

  4. @Sacramento: You are most welcome! Thank you for the heads up about my page. I noticed it was loading slow too. It could be the transition from blogspot.com to a .com, but I change it to 4 posts a page; and it's made a little difference. How is it on your end? Let me know if its still really slow!

    @Masoom: Really? Thats awesome! Great minds think alike ;D

    @The Hearabouts: Hehe! Glad I could make you giggle, S! :} Usually I DO have to shop online since none of the stores in this area carry the plus size line :{ And I'm surprised they haven't built one there! I think we should start a petition... I'm actually tempted to hold a peaceful protest outside the F21 here to get them to stock the plus size line XD lol

  5. Love the pieces you snatched from Forever 21...but I love the evil smile on the "mean family dog" more. Hope you get a chance to try out the DIY I posted and thanks for your comment.

    Have a great New Year,

  6. Coco, thanks so much for your fab comment on RedPoppy! I enjoyed reading every word. I also love your dog ginger, the gorgeous soaps, and of course Forever 21.
    Happy New year xxoxo

  7. I love the F21 stuff. I saw it but of course I could never fit into it unless I intend to stuff only an arm or a leg in. They will look beautiful on you though, I can totally imagine it! If that's the grinch-est you can be, you have to try harder because it still made me smile!

  8. Cool blog coco! Thanks for your comment :D
    i'm following you!



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