Thursday, December 30, 2010

Please Don't Make This Harder. (No, I Won't Yet.)

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And I can't remember who all of these painted ladies are (or the artists), I found most of them
scattered across the internet, but they sure are beautiful, aren't they?

I hate not being able to sleep. When insomnia strikes so does my creativity and for some reason I was feeling very historical and whimsical at 3:57AM. I felt this really nerdy need to put on some of my costumes and take photos, so I did. Lol. I've been feeling super inspired by classical artwork lately, especially paintings from the Renaissance/Baroque/Georgian eras; when fashion was the epitome of femininity. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time (just for one day at least) and live the life a Courtier or a Dauphine of 18th Century France. The clothes they wore were so eleborate and grandiose! I always die a little inside every time I watch Marie Antoinette XD Anyhoo! The first shot came out super blurry, but I like it for some weird reason. I really love the firefly look of the Christmas lights especially. That Green dress in the first two shots is an empire-waisted gown that I hand-sewed myself, the blue brocade dress in the last shot is a costume a friend of mine made, and I always feel very Ever After in them both :}

In other news... I was asked to contribute to a new magazine thats launching in January! They asked me to send in some photos to one of their features for the first issue, so I'm working on that right now. AND I'm meeting with an agency tomorrow! They really like my look and they actually already booked me for a gig next week! I'm so excited! I seriously can't wait. I have to admit though... I'm feeling a little worried/self-concious, because the day after my birthday; I woke up to a breakout all over my face from this Lancome foundation I had tried out. (EEK!) I'm still recovering too. Its cleared up a lot already, but usually my skin is so not pimple-y and red, it's really freaking me out to see so many of them now. Lol. Here's hoping the regiment I've been doing will make good by tomorrow! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

xoxo coco


  1. wow, you sew that dress?! you are so talented. And nice post! I loved those era too, the pride and prejudice era! =) x

  2. Really great pics. Love your outfit. And congrats on that meeting with the agency. Good luck.

  3. The photos are so lovely! I actually really like that first blurry photo too.

    Wow, you and your friend are so talented! I wish I could sew well. The ladies all look so regal and elegant and so lovely.

    That whole last paragraph sounds so excited! I hope we'll hear more about it in later posts.

  4. great pictures, I like your blog:)
    visit me ...

  5. Happy New Year Coco and congratulations for getting some exciting work! Sounds like 2011 will be great for you!

  6. i love these photos!!!!!!!!!

    happy new year pretty!!!





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