Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Supersonic, Magnifique, Très Très Cool Et Très Très Chic.

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"Très Très Chic" by Mocean Worker

(Dress by Wishes*Wishes*Wishes, vintage mink collar from Etsy, black tights and rhinestone two-finger ring from F21homemade Miu Miu-inspired heels)

Today was a long and tiring day, but also very eventful! I spent most of it downtown at Très Chic Boutique (which is exactly what its name implies btw!) where I met with the proprietress, Susan, and had a blast picking out gorgeous gowns and scheming something fun and exciting for the blog. Needless to say, I'm definitely looking forward to the next few weeks, as I have all sorts of nifty things in store for you guys! I absolutely adore Susan and her Assistant Stylist, both of whom were so much fun to work with! I can't wait to meet with them again to finalize some things! I may also be working there part-time starting in January as a stylist for Prom Season, which would be UH-MAZING. I really, really hope I get the job! Keep your fingers crossed for me :}

After Très Chic, I went with my mom and sister to our favorite Sushi stop where we enjoyed some delicious rolls, then we went to Sally's to pick up some bleach and toner for my little sister, who I guess is feeling a little inspired since I went Pastel... I'm excited for her. I know she's gonna look super cute! But of course, before we got to do all this fun stuff, we had to make a trip to the DMV at an ungodly hour this morning, where I waited around for quite some time before anybody could get to me. It's okay though. The rest of the day was amazing, so it made up for the horrible experience that is the Department of Motor Vehicles - and you better believe I wore this outfit there! I had a feeling I'd be waiting a while, so I got up extra, extra (about 5:30AM extra) early in order to get all gussied up so I wouldn't be late to my meeting downtown.

When I got home a little while ago, I was put to work by my mom and cleaned the bathroom (my least favorite place), after which I curled up in one of my favorite vintage playsuits with Dita; and read what she had to say for what seems like the umteen-millionth time in Burlesque & the Art of the Teese. That book is practically my bible.

"I advocate glamour. EVERY DAY. EVERY MINUTE." - Dita Von Teese.

Seriously, that woman can do no wrong.

In other news... My 21st birthday is in 2 days! My mom is being very secretive about things too. I asked her if she bought me Conan O'Brien for my birthday and she said no, so sadly I can cross that off of my list. She keeps asking me for my measurements though? So now I'm trying to rack my brain to figure out what she could possibly be doing, or making! Lol! But I'm pretty much at a loss for ideas at this point. I guess I'll just have to wait! (Arg. Lol.)

Also, I'm so excited that you guys liked my last post so much! You left such great feedback that I plan on doing a follow up very soon! I'm super happy to hear that I was able to inspire/empower some of you too! Please, please, please remember that you are all beautiful, each and every one of you, and promise me that you'll tell yourself that every day. In fact, before you go to bed tonight, when you're brushing your teeth or taking off your makeup, I want you all to stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. That's your assignment for the night, okay?

Okay. <3

xoxo coco


  1. You look so pretty, like an icecrem in a hot summers day. Love you DIY Miu Miu, and each one of your photos.
    Un abrazo fuerte .

  2. You made those Miu Miu heels!? I love them! Want to make me a pair ? ;)

    xo Lynzy

  3. I NEED a dress with a sheer part on top just like that! They just look so unbelievably awesome *3* That's definitely going on my shopping list, along with a green cargo jacket~ I also love that ring! I've always thought the double rings looked great, but I've never made the jump to actually buy one yet.

    Anyway, good luck getting that job! Thought I doubt you need it :D

  4. You look gorgeous!! I love this dress, it is beautiful.

    Kirstin Marie

  5. Such a great job with those heels! And super lovely pics!

  6. Oh stop it - you're too gorgeous! Happy early birthday, my dear!

  7. You look sooooooooooooo gorgeous! Love your pin up make up, it's flawless and soooo beautiful! We wanted to wish you HAPPY Happy BIRRRTHDAY babe!!! All the BEST and mwahhhh
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  8. How gorgeous are those shoes I love want need them!!

    You should put a DIY section on your blog to show us all how you make it!

    xxx Karin


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