Monday, February 28, 2011

This Used To Be A Fun House.

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So I was planning to post some new outfits for all of you this week, buuut I've been incredibly sick since last Monday and I just couldn't keep up. I'm really sorry to have left you guys sort of high and dry!

I don't know if I've ever told you guys this before, but I actually have a stomach condition that causes a lot of pain and discomfort, so I don't usually have a lot of energy when I'm fighting a flare-up like this one. I am hoping to do a hair and makeup tutorial/video when I'm feeling a little better though, but until then I thought I'd share a shot from a fun makeup shoot I did a while back! It was inspired by vintage circuses and John Galliano's SS08 Ready-to-Wear show - my favorite, as you all know already lolol - as well as a makeup editorial I saw once, but can't seem to find now. (I wish I could, 'cause it's an amazing beauty spread!)

I'm not usually fond of clowns, but I thought I made a pretty cute, harmless one XD

xoxo coco

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Figures That Are Defining Fashion.

Every body is beautiful, that's certainly true, but in a world of 2's and 4's running rampant in the pages of women's magazines, sometimes it can be easy to forget just how beautiful one truly is. I know I've let commercials and magazines get me down about myself too. So I wanted to post a tribute to some of the gorgeous fuller figures that are helping define fashion right now. I was inspired by a thread entitled "Working Plus Models That Aren't Crystal Renn" (lolol) on Model Mayhem; it was started by Belgian Plus Model Marianne Michaela as a way to highlight some of the most beautiful working Plus models of the industry - and I think it would be a great disservice if I didn't share it with you guys! It's truly important that every girl (and boy) and woman (and man) see that beauty can come in any size.

Something to keep in mind while reading this:

There is a common misconception about what a plus model is. A plus model is not always necessarily a plus size woman - the term "Plus" in fashion simply means that the body and measurements are larger than that of a straight size 2-4. Therefore, Plus models can be all different sizes. So before anyone posts comments like "these women don't look plus size" or "she's too thin to be plus" try to remember that this isn't about skinny versus plus, this is about skinny AND plus, and appreciating the different types of beautiful bodies that were given to us - whether they be hour-glass, muffin top, pear-shape, apple-shaped, etc... To cut someone down because they are smaller or bigger than what you think a size should be; is the same mind-set that we've been trying to change! So let's keep it positive and be excited that fashion is embracing different figures :}

(Photos borrowed from Google, 12+UK, and "Working Plus Models That Aren't Crystal Renn". I do not own these photos - they are copyright their respective owners. No infringement was intended.)

The models seen here range from sizes 10-16... Swoon!

xoxo coco

Thursday, February 17, 2011

You're Sweet, My Dear.

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So today I had a really fun photoshoot with a photographer that I've not had the chance to work with before. He's incredibly talented - he takes some of the most beautiful fashion-related photos - and I'm super excited to see the final shots. Most of all, I can't wait to share them with all of you! In the meantime, I thought I'd post some photos from shoot I did last year with Miss Jacqueline Harriet. It was very much so inspired by vintage photos of classic actresses of the Silverscreen era. All the wardrobe was mine, as well I did the makeup and hair (as usual lolol). I also made that red two-piece in the first few shots!

Anyhoo... I got an amazing e-mail this morning from Katie over at Natural and I may be going to LA again next week for a booking. I'm currently on hold for the clients. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I do! :D

xoxo coco

Monday, February 14, 2011

Muffin Top Baby + Natural Models/HITNS Model Search!

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I am so excited to announce that Muffin Top Baby has teamed up with its newest sponsors Natural Model Management and Healthy is the New Skinny to find the next fresh faces in fashion!

There is a growing need to represent all shapes and sizes in the fashion industry and Natural Model Management is here to do just that! Natural is an agency created by models for models and every division is led by a professional, working model that not only understands the needs and desires of their models, but is also there to help guide them toward success and long-lasting careers. Their growing list of clientele includes companies such as Forever 21+, Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Levi's...

Natural represents Petite Plus sizes 4-10 and Natural Plus sizes 12+ and values each and every one of them for their natural build and shape. With their Healthy is the New Skinny Campaign with designer Jessica Svoboda, they hope to help change the way the industry views body image. Currently they are searching for not only super models, but super role models - young women who lead happy, healthy lifestyles - to join their growing board of beauty AND brains and to encourage other designers, brands, and companies to embrace every body - because every one is beautiful!


- Petite Sizes 4-10
- Plus Sizes 12+
- Height: 5'7" +
- Great Smiles.
- Must be able to travel to Los Angeles for work.
- Must have a desire to represent the positive body image movement!

So if you've ever dreamed of becoming a model, then here's your chance! Head on over to the Natural Model Management website and submit your stats and photos for consideration! And in the meantime, check out the Healthy is the New Skinny official blog to read more about what this inspiring team is up to!

Good luck! <3

xoxo coco

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Shout-Out To All Of My Followers!

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So I was in LA yesterday for a casting and a meeting at Natural. (I'll have some cool new photos for you guys soon :D) The drive was crazy (six hours there and back to be exact lol), but it was so much fun and it was totally worth it! I had a great time hanging out with Katie and Bradford (and Farley) and I had a wonderful talk with Katie that got me thinking... And I just wanted to say that I'm really, really grateful to all of you guys for reading and supporting my blog! You're more than just readers and followers though, you're friends, and I always look forward to the kind e-mails and sweet comments and constructive feedback that you guys leave me. I definitely take it to heart! The past few months since I opened MTB have been amazing because of you guys and so I wanted to sort of thank you all for it :}

So thank you, thank you, thank you! <3

xoxo coco

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pretty Little Marie.

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Here are some of the shots from that editorial I teased you guys with a few weeks back! (When I had Orange hair for 2 days XD hehe) That gorgeous blonde with me is my friend, Molly, that you all have been hearing so much about the past few weeks... Anyhoo! Photography, hair, makeup, and styling was done by myself, with the exception of the last shot. (Molly took that one.) We basically just decided to play dress up with my costumes/clothes and take some fun pictures.

If you've been wondering why I've been a little M.I.A. - do not fret! I've just been sick, so now I'm off to keep recovering from this nasty flu so I can keep posting pretty things for all of you! Lol!

Hope you all are doing wonderfully <3

xoxo coco