Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Figures That Are Defining Fashion.

Every body is beautiful, that's certainly true, but in a world of 2's and 4's running rampant in the pages of women's magazines, sometimes it can be easy to forget just how beautiful one truly is. I know I've let commercials and magazines get me down about myself too. So I wanted to post a tribute to some of the gorgeous fuller figures that are helping define fashion right now. I was inspired by a thread entitled "Working Plus Models That Aren't Crystal Renn" (lolol) on Model Mayhem; it was started by Belgian Plus Model Marianne Michaela as a way to highlight some of the most beautiful working Plus models of the industry - and I think it would be a great disservice if I didn't share it with you guys! It's truly important that every girl (and boy) and woman (and man) see that beauty can come in any size.

Something to keep in mind while reading this:

There is a common misconception about what a plus model is. A plus model is not always necessarily a plus size woman - the term "Plus" in fashion simply means that the body and measurements are larger than that of a straight size 2-4. Therefore, Plus models can be all different sizes. So before anyone posts comments like "these women don't look plus size" or "she's too thin to be plus" try to remember that this isn't about skinny versus plus, this is about skinny AND plus, and appreciating the different types of beautiful bodies that were given to us - whether they be hour-glass, muffin top, pear-shape, apple-shaped, etc... To cut someone down because they are smaller or bigger than what you think a size should be; is the same mind-set that we've been trying to change! So let's keep it positive and be excited that fashion is embracing different figures :}

(Photos borrowed from Google, 12+UK, and "Working Plus Models That Aren't Crystal Renn". I do not own these photos - they are copyright their respective owners. No infringement was intended.)

The models seen here range from sizes 10-16... Swoon!

xoxo coco


  1. Gorgeous! I think the girl on the boat has legs that are 8 feet long.

    I think people forget modeling is about how you wear the clothes and not necessarily how you look in the clothes (or jewelry in the case of the last picture).

    These girls are all amazing models.

  2. Fantastic real bodies. About time, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  3. So hot! I love it. Thanks for sharing,

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  5. These pictures are great. I always dress for your body shape just because you are curvy doesn't mean you can't be fashionable.


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