Saturday, December 4, 2010

Going Gaga for Girly Pastel Hair

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What did My Little Pony, JEM and Lady Lovely Locks all have in common?
Why, their amazing heads of candy-colored hair, of course!

(Collage made by me. I do not own any of the photos used in it.
Please do not use without permission.)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm absolutely in love with the pastel and dip-dyed hair trend that's still holding strong since this Summer. I think its quite possibly the funnest thing that could ever happen to fashion. (And I confess, I don't want it to go away!) From Lady Gaga's Turquoise Dip-dye job to Kelly Osbourne's Violet Marilyn-inspired 'do (though she did recently go back to blonde), I adore the candy colors that swept us up earlier this year.

We must give props where props are due though, as undoubtedly the title of Princess of Pink for the past few years definitely has to go to Miss Scene Dream herself, Audrey Kitching with her cotton candy tresses that would make The Holograms so jealous; they'd go cry their makeup off and write a song about it!

I love the all-over look (as damaging as all that bleach can be) and I think a few well-placed streaks here and there would be just as cute! But what do you guys think? Do you love it, or hate it? Would you try it for yourself if you could, or would you leave all the fun to the celebrities and the models? I've heard many people say, "I'm not edgy enough to pull that off," but neither are the runway models who sported these looks to begin with. In my opinion, most of them look like your cute girl-next-door (well, an incredibly tall and skinny one of course), some of them coming from little corn fed towns and humble beginnings in small villages in countries far, far away... Yet they look great!

So I firmly believe you don't have to have tattoos and piercings to pull off Pastel.

I think this is something that every girl should try at least once, perhaps this Spring/Summer when it comes back around (something fun to try with your girlfriends!) or maybe as a temporary treat for New Year's Eve this year! If you're a little too shy to commit to the look entirely, I suggest taking baby steps first and getting yourself some clip-in extensions when you want to feel funky. If you're daring though and looking for something fun to spruce up your look, I say go for it! Just be sure to go to the salon or get the help of someone who knows what they're doing/is an experienced dyer. There will be less chances of a hair color horror story that way! ;}

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  1. I'd love to try a pastel pinkish grey (pinks and greys are two colors that I want to try), but the yellow undertones in my skin has always been the main factor for my fear of dying hair (that and messing up, which happened earlier this year). I'm such a play-it-safe type, so I think if I do try it out, it would be in the form of a wig.

  2. This look is ah, so adventurous. Someday i hope to try it on myself ;)

  3. i love pastels, and loving the pastel haired women!

  4. I so agree, the whole 'dip dye' hair is awesome! I love how cool it looks :D Have you seen Nicki Minaj's though? that's a bit O.T.T lol

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  5. I love the all-over look and would probably dye my hair (at least for awhile) if my agency would let me! But I think I might take your advice and get some colored clip-ins for New Years! How fun!

  6. i love pink hair in the top left corner xx

  7. Just found your blog through Blah Blah Becky, and I can't even tell you how much I love it! Great work, girl. I'm following now. :)

  8. I've always loved pastel colors in hair but as someone who has natural black hair it's only a distant dream :) great photos!

    - the runaway


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