Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fast Food Nation.

(Styling by Carla Frances, Crazy Horse Vintage)

An editorial I shot with photographer Carla Frances a few months back entirely on disposable camera. The theme was Americana with a focus on fast food. We shot first at the Coke-a-cola HQ down the street from my house, where they have this huuuuge, I mean GIGANTIC cup of coke (about 3-4 stories tall) complete with a lid and straw. We took a break at In-n-Out and then we shot some more before heading downtown to this awesome hole in the wall burger joint with a really nasty name. I don't remember what it was called, I just know it didn't sound like any place I'd ever want to eat. Kinda like "Krusty Krab" seriously, who'd want to eat at a place called 'krusty'? Lolol. Anyhoo! It was awesome fun. I had a blast and Carla is an awesome talent. I hope I get the chance to work with her again!

xoxo coco


  1. Your pictures are so cool! How can you do to have this kind on vintage effect on you photos? :)

  2. Thank you! These were actually taken with a disposable camera, so thats why they have that old school "polaroid" feel to them :}


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