Sunday, October 17, 2010

Welcome To The Black Parade.

Today we saw rain in Sacramento. The change in weather is rather extreme compared to the heat that was still bombarding us not two days ago, but I can honestly say that now its beginning to feel like Fall. Personally, I'm a Spring and Summer girl, but Autumn does have its own romantic, mysterious qualities that I like, more importantly that I love the bewitching holiday fast approaching us and I cannot wait for Halloween. (Although I've still no idea what to be.)

The overhead gray today made me feel very somber in a way, but despite the slight chill, I donned this funeral-esque take on the lingerie as outerwear look (which seemed rather fitting for the mood of the season) as I ran a few errands. Now that I'm home though, I'm enjoying a hazelnut coffee and homemade tree bark - a thin layer of melted down white chocolate sprinkled with pistachios, cashews, and craisins that you let cool in the fridge, YUM - listening to football on the t.v. and loitering on my computer. Nothing major to report, though I am excited to say that I have some awesome features planned for the blog coming up over the next couple of weeks! I also really had to share this very obviously (and very awesome) Lydia Deetz-inspired editorial by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue. (You can see more at

(Brought to you by

I especially love the last look, because its so classic Lydia... Mariacarla Boscono has such an amazing face and I'm not gonna lie; the whole thing kinda makes me want to die my hair jet black and lazily chop my bangs. I also really want to watch Beetle Juice. Lol. <3


xoxo coco


  1. great outfit! and i love the editorial beetlejuice and miss deetz are my favorites!

  2. beautiful beautiful outfit, I just adore it! x

  3. Love the outfit! your so pretty!
    thank you for being such a wonderful commenter :)


  4. loving your blog but loving your header even more!!!! So effing great!


  5. Great shots, I love those Lace gloves!

  6. You look sooooooooo AMAZING in the black sexy and so perfect for Fall!!!! Love it all!!! IT's gettin coooold in Toronto now too...defn' not summer anymore! And love the pics of Maria Boscono..she's Givenchy's muse and I totally know why!!! Makes me want to dye my blonde hair for a secccccc black..but maybe that's not the best idea..but she looks SOOO COOL!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  7. Really cool outfits, love the dark mood they're expressing!

  8. Incredible pictures!!

  9. I'm coming back!
    great blog as always!

  10. you have a different, but incredible beauty. You look phenomenal.


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