Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who Was That Mysterious Moustached Woman?

I like to wear my old prom dress when I want to feel good. When I put this thing on, it makes me feel fun, flirty, and girly and love it! It didn't look anything like that back when I first bought it. It was this floor length tulle mess, which the tulle was completely destroyed, as was the slip underneath, so of course as with all things ugly; I took it home with me. Lolol. I upcycled it by taking what was left of the glittery gold polkadot overlay and added it to the bust, shortened the slip underneath to a tea length, and then made a brand new tulle skirt for it, which is also a removeable tutu.

Originally, back in 2008, I wanted something different than the rest of the girls in my class would be wearing. I'd really, really, really wanted a Betsey Johnson, but they were too expensive, and I couldn't find a vintage 40s/50s style prom dress in my size, so I tried to DIY my own BJ SS08 Prom wear. I guess I got it right too, because all the girls in my class kept asking me if it was a Betsey. Granted, I'm not wearing the gold ribbon and flower cumberbun in these shots (so its not really the dress in entirety), but I still love it. In case you never had the chance to see, here are just a few photos from Betsey Johnson's Spring/Summer 08 Ready-to-wear collection, the inspiration behind my old prom dress:


Yesterday I also took a tip from Proenza Schuller, and paired my dress with a sleek black sweater and some black thigh high stockings. Today, I anxiously await the arrival of the newest addition to my family (my wardrobe, really lol). It should be here today, I HOPE its here to day, but you can bet your sweet bippies that I'll be posting when it does! <3

xoxo coco


  1. you look so cutein your old prom dress!

    +i love your blog!

    Nici from www.set-joy.blogspot.com

  2. Girly you are stunning!! look at those legs! and im loving the colour of the dress on you - such a classic shape too.
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx
    take a peek at my giveaway while you're at it!

  3. wow, what a great job you did!!! it is lovely!!!!

  4. I love your prom dress. How pretty! :) I wish I could still fit into my old prom dress. Lol. Maybe one day...

    I also love these dresses from the Betsey Johnson collection. I always thought those would make perfect prom dresses. :P

  5. your style is amazing. i just flipper through your blog and i'm in awe. i cant wait to see what else u have coming. i'm following u know.

  6. Are you in the picture? you look fabulous!


  7. Love the dress and thanks for the comment! Stay in touch fashion by stranger

  8. who are the necklace with the moustaches from?

    I love it :)


  9. So many cute dresses!


  10. Love the dress! And the the whole outfit! :-)



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