Monday, October 4, 2010

Leftovers From Today.

Here are a few extras from today. Just self-portraits really. I liked the blurr of the first two, Idk why. Buuuut I'll be visiting Ford in the morning and then meeting with Old Navy afterward. I have to be up early to get ready (the drive to Frisco in itself is about an hour and twenty minutes away) and I'll need my pretty sleep, so...

Good night, lovies.

xoxo coco 


  1. your so pretty!]

    check my giveaway..

  2. Why thank you, Camilla! :} And consider your giveaway entered! Lol! Love that little lace cardigan you've put up as a prize. Love your whole shop Dixi, in fact. So fabulous <3

  3. You have amazing hair! Just beautiful xxx

  4. Love love love your hair soooo much!!!!!! I wish I had curly hair! The color is sooo obsessive!! And your blog really rocks!!! Just love it sooo much!!!
    xox Big kisses,
    Beckerman Girls

  5. A big thank you to all of you ladies! I appreciate the kind words like you wouldn't believe! :}

    You make me feel super warm and fuzzy inside, like wearing a vintage angora sweater out on a fall day! Which, I'm allergic to angora, but love the feel of it nonetheless <3 hehe

  6. Gorgeous photo's, I love your skin and hair.


  7. You have such a pretty face. Something really special, a sort of uncommon beauty! I love it


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