Monday, November 1, 2010

Keita Maruyama.

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I was browsing one of my favorite street style blogs, Japanese Streets and was totally swooning when I saw these photos from the Keita Maruyama SS 2011 show!

Here are some of my favorite pieces:


What a fun show that must have been! I wish I could've been in attendance! I am definitely head over heels IN LOVE with the collection. The light, airy feel and the cotton candy colors are so wonderful. Each outfit totally embodies Japan to me and seeing them makes me want to break out my old Manga collection! Also, how do you say "I WANT. NOW." in Japanese? I'd certainly like to know, so I could tell the heads at KM how much I want that flower and sequin embellished maxi skirt. I think I even feel a DIY project coming on! Lol!

Anyhoo... I trust you all had a fabulous Halloween weekend? I myself had a very quiet one at home - I wasn't feeling too good unfortunately, but I did enjoy a marathon of The Haunted and Paranormal State! Not to mention I had my Boardwalk Empire fix, like every Sunday night. Michael Pitt is such a hottie! And I actually really like the new "No-Face" sniper guy. He's pretty much awesome. <3

xoxo coco

P.S. If they made a live-action "adaptation for the screen" movie of Sailor Moon, I'd imagine the costumes would be done by Keita Maruyama. Just saying. Lol.


  1. agree - what a fun collection. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The flower skirt, ombré dresses, it's all so so lovely, and refreshingly fantasy come true. It's my birthday this week!! Anyone?! :))

  3. @the Citizen Rosebud: I know right! Same here... That is, if it weren't getting so cold now! Lol!

    @Melody: Super fun. I wish I could've been there to see it live!

    @Stacie: Seriously. Its like a living, breathing, walking fashion dream come to life! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :}


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