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J'Adore Dior and the 2011 Resort collection! Seriously, John Galliano has done it again.

I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of the 60s/Mod style, I'm just not, so at first I was a little hesitant flipping through these runway shots. I didn't know what to think as I was presented with very 60s silhouettes and prints, heck I was even a little worried that this may be the first time I didn't swoon over Galliano's work for Dior. (LE GASP!) However, with each click of the 'next' button, I found myself falling more and more in love with these designs. I like to imagine if 60s Barbie took a vacation at a resort in Candyland, this is the fabulous wardrobe she would pack with her! These are my favorite looks from the show:

And the man behind it all...

(Photos courtesy of ELLE.COM)

All of these designs are chic, girly, and yet still sexy, and I want every piece. Especially the sheer Purple peplum dress with the metallic appliques and the Candy Pink sweetheart gown with the embellished bodice and scalloped edge tiers. They are perfection! And I feel a DIY project coming on. Speaking of which, I'll have not one, but two DIY's to share with you guys later this weekend. So keep a look out! (But back to the collection...)

I am not a Fall/Winter girl as a lot of you know, so this one has me DYING for Spring/Summer again! I know it was JUST here, but why can't it be sunny weather and blooming flowers all year round? I cannot wait to be able to rock micro minis, towering layers of tulle, feminine florals and fluttery fabrics in pretty pastels and candy colors like these again! Personally, slouchy thick sweaters and gloomy grays just aren't my thing. I feel limited in what I can wear when its cold and rainy season, which rubs me the wrong way, but I guess it gives me the time to stock up and make my own wardrobe for this upcoming Spring. That's a silver lining, isn't it? I would give anything to walk for Galliano, let alone have him dress me. I have the biggest crush on him too. He reminds me of a villain from a silent film, one in which he ties a damsel to train tracks and watches as the train approaches, all the while deviously twisting his thin, pencil-like moustache between thumb and forefinger. Oh, my imagine comes up with such whimsical things!

On another note... I'd like to thank those of you stopped by to show your support for our South Korean allies. You'll be happy to know that I heard back from our correspondants at Pinkage, and they're shaken up, but they are okay! Also, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I myself am feeling under the weather, so coupled with the feast of delicious confections my mother prepared, my muffin top is not very happy with me - but she'll get over it, she always does ;}

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  1. I do love 60s style so I have to ADORE this collection! :) I am specially in love with the very first dress... such a dream!

  2. Who ever said diamonds are a girls best friend lied. Galliano is!

  3. OMG that collection is gorgeous!

  4. ice cream sorbet heaven!! cant wait for summer with those pics. sadly i need to cultivate a tan before i can wear sorbet colours, but by the end of summer i go crazy with them :) melon's my fave. yummy!

  5. Everything is so pretty! A bit saccharine and barbie-ish, but pretty nonetheless.

  6. Oh my GOD your blog is absolutely amazing, I love the layout and the header is beautiful. Plus, youre a redhead like me! Gorgeous, gorgeous.

    Redhead In Law

  7. John Galliano is my favorite designer to look at. He's so fun in everything he does. I'd like to be like him someday [Not to mention how pretty he is. Look at him, he's gorgeous! Swoon]. I loved this collection because it was just the right amount of dated to the right amount of modern with a perfect amount of Barbie.

    I also love how this runway show fits your blog. So darling!



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