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You Oughta Know #1: Jacqueline Harriet, Photographer

Jacqueline Harriet is an amazingly talented up and coming photographer located right here in Sacramento, who specializes in fashion, editorial, and portraiture. She is a master of natural light, a whiz with post-production, and an agency-approved artist, having shot with several new faces signed to various modeling agencies in the San Francisco and Sacramento areas, and (here's the kicker) she's not even 18 yet!

I had the chance to sit down and chat with her to find out more about the eye behind the camera...

So tell my readers a little more about yourself :}

I'm Jacqueline Harriet, seventeen years young. My favorite time is the nighttime, oddly enough, a time where pictures are the most difficult to capture. I love that moment late at night where you hit the point of absolute exhaustion, where your mind starts wandering from the norm and forming random thoughts. That's when I feel the most free and am able to write down my photo ideas. Now for my life and photography... I've been an avid reader of Vogue since the age of 7 and have become a subscriber to over 20 magazines since (it's very hard to keep up!), but it wasn't until less than two years ago when I became interested in being a photographer. I wasn't known as the artistic child, rather the artistically challenged...that is until I picked up a camera! Photography has helped me set goals, reach them, and in short has helped me express myself. Right now I don't know where photography will take me...I plan on doing it for the rest of my life whether it be for fun or for a profession, it is my de-stressor and I couldn't imagine my life without my camera by my side.
So when was it that you realized photography was it for you? Was there an exact moment when you first picked up the camera and you knew; or was it simply an interest that developed into a passion gradually over time?

I really did love fashion magazines from a young age. And...I happened to be a super Mary-Kate & Ashley fan. SUPER. Around the time I started to come into myself (age 11 or 12). I never had any siblings, so I guess I saw the Olsens as role models and as they matured and did edgier shoots I thought to myself how cool it'd be to one day take such interesting photos. Then...there was the whole Myspace era and I felt like I didn't stand out with just a simple, bland picture. I felt that if I could achieve an interesting photo, people would be interested in me. Yes, my stupid lil ole middle school self thought that. I would look through all sorts of photo galleries online and it opened my eyes to more photography, not just fashion. Fast forward a few years later, I started frequenting sites like Lookbook and Flickr and finally convinced my father to buy me a DSLR. Ever since then it's adventure!

A very exciting one at that! So what, in your opinion, has been the hardest part about your adventure so far?

The hardest part of my adventure has been time. When I first began to have "a-ha" moments with my photography was my junior year of high school, the "most rigorous/important year". Now that I'm a senior in high school, college applications and more AP classes continue to take up much of my time. I have so many ideas but lately I haven't had the time to put them into action, even during the summer I was swamped.


Now, since you are only seventeen, have you found your age to be sort of a speedbump at all on your road to growth as a photographer?

I think I'm really lucky to, in a sense, have a headstart with photography at 17 years old. I've got a lot of directions I can go with it and I feel confident that over time I will definitely get better at my skill. At the same time, being 17 can be a strike against me. Some adults aren't as willing to work with somebody so young which bothers me sometimes, because I'm a very diligent worker and my age isn't something I can change to fit their needs.

Most definitely. I can imagine how frustrating that could be! Do you have any advice or words of wisdom to other young artists such as yourself, who may find themselves facing the same challenges?

My advice would be to stay professional without compromising your dignity. Never let somebody tell you can't do a job based on something like your age or lack of 20+ years of experience. And as far as aesthetics, try out everything: a mix of weird, a mix of beautiful. Don't give yourself boundaries on what you can create with a camera!

Wonderful advice. I completely agree. I think a lot of young talent assume that because they're so new and "inexperienced" that they couldn't possibly do something edgy or organic or high fashion, like what they see in magazines and online, but you really never know unless you try it! Now, with all this talk of some of the 'downsides' of being so young in the industry, lets talk about the upsides and your exciting experiences so far! You've shot fresh faces for Passport Models and Exalt Models and I hear you're collaborating with a local vintage boutique on a project? Can you tell us more about it?

Right now I'm working with Funkin Junkie, a vintage boutique. So far it's been really fun to do shoots that are styled but yet focus on having an editorial edge. I'm really excited to work more with the owner and continue to shoot more models!

Thats awesome! We definitely can't wait to see the finished product! Any other exciting projects coming up that we can expect to see from you?

I'm excited to show everyone, too! Right now I'm swamped with college stuff and my classes, but I'd love to start a few projects once everything starts settling down. I've started a small set called "Grainy Youth" using high ISO and nighttime settings to achieve a grainy/film-like look to photos. When I get the time I would like to play more with shadows/colored lights...I've got so many ideas :)

Juggling your own personal projects, high school, plus college classes... You're like Wonder Woman! :) And what's more, I hear you don't JUST work with models, but you also shoot very affordable senior portrait work as well?

Oh, hardly Wonder Woman! ;) I do! Senior Portraits are something a few people had approached me these past few months as my friends and I all become seniors ourselves and so far it's actually been a lot of fun. I'm hoping I can get hired more for other jobs as well, I love a new challenge (weddings, kids, families perphaps?)!

Well thats awesome. It's great that you can provide a unique, more artsy, and even fashion-forward alternative to those students who want to stand out a little with their senior portraits! I definitely wish someone like you would've been around when I needed them! Lolol! For someone as young as yourself, you certainly are talented, and versatile; and I pity the fool who underestimates you ;) With all of this in mind, where do you hope to take your photography in the future?

You're too kind! In the future, I'd like to take some time to develop more of a conceptual side to my photography and spend more time on individual projects versus snapshots. I can't wait to start using the darkroom and experimenting with other processes! I would be honored to be paid to do editorials for magazines and etc, but I'm not going to kill myself trying. I'm going to focus more on projects I feel proud of versus trying to create a mold of what I think will get me an ad job, etc!

Mmkay, so just for fun... If you had the chance to photograph any person in the world, who would it be?

Well, if I had the chance to photograph *any* person in the world...I'd have to say there'd be more than one...but since I'm forced to narrow it down I'd like to shoot Abbey Lee Kershaw. She's been everywhere these days and I love how she can undergo transformations, such as her new "Neon Blonde" dye, and look completely unique for all the campaigns she is in. She's got an unmistakable gap in her teeth, too, which I think definitely adds to her interesting look. I also really love Mila Jovovich's look!

And if you could shoot for any catalog, lookbook, or designer/collection, which would it be?

If I could shoot for any lookbook I'd choose Wildfox Couture. They mix darkness with romance and they are always filled with a mix of excitement and energy. I also would love to shoot a more serious editorial for Topshop, their collection shoots are always very inspiring as well!

What are your favorite colors to capture on camera?

My favorite colors to capture are red/burgundy and royal blue, I love rich colors and I'm trying to experiment more with those lately.

Which photographers inspire you to be a better photographer?

Photographers that inspire me to become a better so many...I think Peter Lindbergh is really inspiring when it comes to moody black and white shots and capturing emotion. All of Patrick Demarchelier's work for Vogue is phenomenal. And I really love all of the conceptual work that Tyler Shields has been doing lately. I also like to look to fine art photographers like Sally Mann who captures the more natural elements of life.

A photo or editorial that you wish you had shot:

Honestly, I am so obsessed with Nirrimi's work. Everytime she posts new shoots, I hit myself for not being half as talented as her. She captures youth, fashion, and natural reality so effortlessly it seems.

Your favorite fashion film/video:

I don't per se have a favorite fashion film but I love getting inspired by the cinematography in movies. The Virgin Suicides has not only an interesting plot but the colors and dreamlike aspects of it make it really dark yet bright, sort of what I try to incorporate into my pictures.

Cast your vote: Studio or Natural Light?

Natural Light all the way, I haven't had much time in the studio but I love to focus on the reality rather than the beams of fake light come at the model. I love being outdoors and having to chase the light as it moves!

And there you have it! Straight from Miss Jackie's fingertips herself!

As you can see, we have a very sweet, genuine talent on our hands, as Jacqueline continues to prove that she is one to watch with her beautifully styled and progressive portfolio; and I expect nothing but great things for her in the near-future!

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Enjoy! And have a great weekend, everyone! <3

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