Saturday, November 13, 2010

Etsy Outfit #1: "Tweet Tweet"

I'm a big supporter for shopping vintage and indie fashion as some of you know, and one of my all-time favorite places to do my shopping isn't actually at the mall or even local to me here in Sacramento; no, when it comes down to it, I never find treasures better anywhere else than I do on Etsy. Words can't describe just how much I love the online buy and sell post. I spend countless late-night hours digging for the prettiest of vintage and homemade clothes and accessories, and needless to say my wishlist seems to be as never-ending as the story itself. (I just wish I had the wallet to back it up!)

I'm a firm believer that Etsy is possibly the most under-estimated place to buy vintage and indie fashion. Where other online boutiques may charge you double what they paid for, for a bell-sleeved mini at the thrift store or second-hand boutique they originally found it; you can usually find something just like it for cheaper on Etsy, which is always such a wonderful feeling when you do! Plus, it feels good to support small businesses in this otherwise crazy economy... So that being said, in honor of my undying love and devotion to Etsy, I've decided to start posting "Etsy Outfits" to share my favorite finds of the week, where to find them, and my personal take on how to wear them!

1. Powder Blue Floral Chiffon Butterfly Wing Mini (sz 0-10) from River of Romansk, $32.80

2. Vintage Reversible Winter White & Shell Pink Faux Fur Coat (sz M) from Sweet Moonlight Shop, $40.00

3. Whimsical Birdhead Ring from Sea of Bees, $12.50

4. "Follow Me" Twitter Thigh-high Tattoo Socks (sz L-XL) from post, $13.00

5. Vintage Teal Cutout Ankle-strap Platform Shoes (sz 6) from FASHIONRERUN, $24.00

This vintage and very girly look was inspired by the Whimsical Birdhead ring by Sea of Bees and I call it "Tweet Tweet". The "Follow Me" Twitter tights by post only seemed fitting for the outfit - post makes tons of brutally cool 'tattoo' tights and stockings. I was recently introduced to Sea of Bees jewelry by Coury of  FancyTreehouse (one of my favorite blogs), who was rocking the very same ring on her latest outfit post, and needless to say I swooned when I saw it! So, I checked out the rest of what Sea of Bees had to offer and let me tell you... Their jewelry is the bees knees. I'm in love with their "Woodland Fantasy Collection" (especially the Whimsical Deerhead ring) and can't wait to make some of their pieces my own!

Now, another neat treasure I came across several months ago is River of Romansk, a shop that specializes in one-of-a-kind tops and dresses, but the real kicker is that all of their pieces are ONE-SIZE FITS ALL. With smocked designs, sizes vary from 0-8, 0-10 and 0-14 (and even some 0-16), making River of Romansk a near godsend to us life-size and plus-size girls who want to look feminine and stylish for a decent price. So if you love lace, chiffon, pastels and pretty floral prints, and if you call Marie Antoinette one of your fashion icons - (cough) I do! - then you're sure to love River Romansk! Be sure to check them out!

So what do all of you think of my "inspired" outfit? Yay, nay? Let me know your thoughts! :}

xoxo coco


  1. I'm totally digging the tattoo tights! This would make a cute outfit. As much as I love Etsy, I've only made one purchase in the 3 years I've had my account. I enjoyed this post!

  2. I'm in love with every single item. The tights are just to die for! Thank you for sharing these little treasures :) . I'll be checking Etsy more often.


  3. Great picks! I'm really digging the Mui-Mui-esque vintage platforms. Very early '90's in the best possible non-grunge way.

  4. thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog :)
    i am glad you like it! i am digging colours on my nails :D haha espsecially when i wear rocker rings ;)

  5. I love it all - especially the ring. I can see you rocking those shoes!


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