Monday, January 31, 2011

Beauty Tips for All Chicks: Smokey Eye Series Part 1

Things have been crazy busy lately and it's all catching up to me (I'm sick again, unfortunately), but I'm so excited to share with you guys the fun video and photos I did with Natural Models for Healthy is the New Skinny while in LA! Check it out!

We love smokey eyes!  Sometimes they seem intimidating, but Natural model and professional makeup artist Germaine shows us how with warm browns.

It’s so easy when she breaks it down, step by step.

Step 1: Fill in eyebrows and prep eyelid by using a lighter, neutral colored eye shadow all over lid.

Step 2:  Use a soft eyeliner pencil in a medium/dark brown shade to cover eyelid.

Step 3:  Blend eyeliner on lid with a clean flat brush.

Step 4:  Apply a warm neutral brown shadow along the seam of the eyeliner.

Step 5:  Pack a dark brown shadow (shimmery or matte finish) on top of your lid.

Step 6:  Line the inside waterline of your bottom eyelid with a dark liner.


I had such a blast participating in this wonderful make-up tutorial for the Healthy is the New Skinny blog! I love the HITNS site, because it's not only about celebrating the beauty of the natural you, but it has fun tips and advice girls and women of all ages on how to enhance that natural beauty and make it your own. I also love the Healthy Dose of Reality/Body Project they're doing with Hugo Shwyzer - it's definitely a must-read, in my opinion. Indeed, Healthy is the New Skinny is doing some great things and I'm so honored to be a part!

xoxo coco

P.S. Want to see pictures from the shoot? Well you can check them out HERE!


  1. Jeez Coco, you look super beautiful in a very soft and romantic way possible in that photoshoot!!! Major envy!

  2. Wow, your photo shoot is stunning!!! You are so beautiful! Thanks for posting this tutorial, smoky eyes are always so awesome looking, but I always end up looking crazy eyed when I try it. This should help!

    Kirstin Marie


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