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To Rid Yourself Of Vanities And Just Go With The Seasons.

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(Forever 21 Definition of Beauty tank, GoJane lace maxi skirt layered w/ black spanx)

Over this last weekend, I got a package from my new friends at! They were so kind as to send me this beeeeaaaauuutiful lace maxi skirt and words can't describe how much I love it! The lace is so soft and silky to the touch and it's perfectly sheer. It's wonderful to lounge around in, in this Sacramento weather (like I did today after packing), but I can't wait for the warmer temps and sunnier skies to come back; so I can make full use out of this great new piece of wardrobe! I can see myself wearing this just about anywhere... Especially this Summer over my swimsuit on the beach or a leotard - or (if you're a little shy about your thighs) over spanx too for more modest coverage - while shopping the sunny, outdoor mall downtown. However, I do see myself sporting this one while I'm in LA this weekend!!! Lol!

There are so many great ways to wear this skirt! is quickly becoming one of my favorite online shopping spots. Their shoes selection is UH-mazing, they have so many to choose from - and all for under $50 - and they have some really great, trendy pieces (that are updated daily) at truly affordable prices. Many of the styles at are some of the same ones you see popping up in other boutiques for much, much more. Take my new lace maxi skirt for example...

The Sheer Lace Maxi Skirt on the left costs $68 at other online boutiques, but at (pictured right) you can get the same gorgeous Sheer Lace Maxi Skirt for $31.70! They also just added a super cute alternative take (without the tiers) to the Sheer Lace Maxi. Talk about great style for less! And this Sheer Lace Maxi style will undoubtedly be a staple in every serious fashionista's arsenal this upcoming Spring/Summer!

Now check out these other Shopping Steals provided by!

The Pleated Maxi Dress on the left will cost you $78, but's perfectly summer-y Accordion Pleat Maxi Dress (pictured right) costs a much more do-able $50.10! (It also comes in a gorgeous Cobalt Blue!) This is the perfect dress for the fashionista on-the-go, it's simple and sexy, yet sophisticated too.

The 'Censored' Maxi Skirt on the left costs $68 as well, but you can get this Sheer Paneled Maxi Skirt style at (pictured right) for only $27.60! A fraction of the cost for this scene-stealing style! I personally prefer the look of GoJane's sheer maxi, as the material isn't so sheer as the competing store, so it leaves a little more to the imagination, all the while still remaining hip and edgy! (Way to be stylish, yet sensible too, GoJane!)

So if you're looking for a way to re-vamp your wardrobe for this upcoming Spring/Summer with some of the newest styles and hottest trends (WITHOUT breaking your bank account) then be sure to check out! Enter GJSHIP50 at check out and get free shipping on your order of $50 or more! As well, if you're already on the look-out for prom 2011, be sure to check out their Formals section for some super cute styles! (And plus size prom wear!)

xoxo coco

P.S. If you haven't already, check out my last post on the new Healthy is the New Skinny campaign, created by Plus Model Katie Halchishick and Designer Jessica Svoboda!


  1. Oh I love that skirt, it's beautiful! And that last sheer maxi is gorgeous, very pretty.

    xxx Charlie
    Feminine Bravery

  2. I love that skirt! I've seen the shop & fashion pictures for things like that (sheer clothing, specifically) and they never look like something that real people could wear.
    It looks great on you, and you've totally sold me on that as a wearable style in warm weather.

  3. the skirt is very daring i must say ; i would be afraid to pull something like that off myself . idk , maybe i'll consider it especially for the summer time . beautiful post & thanks for the cheaper alternatives .

    sometimes people forget you can get the same exact style for less w| the same quality . it's so easy to look great and not break the bank w| sites like f21, urbanog, gojane, lulus etc .

    ALYSSA .

  4. You look like your radiating happiness - I swear! Love the look :)

  5. Back in the '80s, I had a neon-pink lace skirt from Betsey Johnson that was worn over matching leggings. Ha! It was quite a sight. Your look is more elegant.

  6. You look so so pretty! The skirt is ultimate beautiful but i'll be too conscious to appear in it! I noticed you layered the spanx over it, good choice!

  7. The skirt is gorgeous...I think I might try to buy that!

  8. that skirt is super goregous. mind u i probably wouldnt have the guts to wear it but i have seenn so many bloggers including u do such a fabulous job of styling it.

  9. I love GJ. I'm definitely a "look for less" kinda girl. :)

    Love your lace skirt, btw.



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