Thursday, January 13, 2011

...And I’ll Remove The Spell You’ve Put On Me Again.

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"Abracadabra" by Brown Eyed Girls

(Photo by Jeanatte Salazar, Hair/MU by moi)

The last few days have been so busy, but so much fun! I apologize for not posting in favor of making mischief with my good friend, Molly. Right now I am sitting in her amazing bedroom, talking fun girl stuff with her and her long-time friend (and my new friend) Bri. Anyhoo! Molly and I have been up to some really exciting things, including planning a trip to LA next weekend, which has been a long-time coming! So you can bet I will have tons and tons of fun posts and photos for you guys. We're going to be shooting with some really amazing photographers while we're there, we're also hoping to visit Huntington Beach (my home-town) and get some shopping in. I also have a really important meeting that unfortunately I can't discuss right now, but I will have plenty of juicy details for you next week! :}

On Saturday, I'm going to be shooting with Jeanatte Salazar who is a really, really talented photographer here in Sac. (She took that photo above :D) Well, technically Roseville, but whatever. Lolol... I love Jeanatte. Not only is her work awesome, but she's such a great person too! We always have so much fun when we shoot together and I'm super excited about updating my portfolio with some newer, fresher looks. That shot above is one of my personal favorites that we've ever created, because we based the look on the Smoky Eye and Rhinestone Lip one used in the John Galliano SS08 Ready-to-wear show, which as you all know is one of my all-time favorite shows to date! Lol!

Anyhoo! I will definitely try to get in an outfit post (or something of equal fun) for you guys tomorrow or Saturday!

In the meantime... Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? :}

xoxo coco

P.S. I don't know why, but I've been on a super K-Pop kick for the past few days XD


  1. BEG! Haha I am crazy about Korean bands. The boy bands in particular. And Taeyang, recently.

    Ooh it's the picture in your icon. Gorgeous photo! I'm off to National Portfolio Day tomorrow, and probably homework and tons of applications for the rest of the weekend. Not particularly exciting. Your upcoming plans sound like a bundle of excitement, though! :)

  2. Listen to 2ne1!!!!!! They're fun :)

  3. Wow you listen to K-pop? that;s cool Big Bang,BEAST,and 2ne1 are my favorites.


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