Tuesday, January 4, 2011

All Of Your Pretty, Your Pretty Little Rags & Bones.

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"Rag & Bone" by The White Stripes

(Forever 21 top, skirt, bralette and shoes, knee-high tights altered by me, vintage
mink from Rogue Retro on Etsy, and White House | Black Market convertable purse/clutch.)

I still can't believe that it's already 2011. It seems like 2010 went by so fast! I definitely want to say thank you to everyone who gave this blog its chance last year! From you guys, my readers/followers, to the other awesome bloggers who featured me on their blogs too... Seriously, thank you for such a great start! <3

Now behold! Lol! My first outfit post for the new year! A.K.A. my Forever 21 Birthday/Christmas loot! Lolol! This is what I wore to the Agency on Friday (minus the fur) that I didn't get to take pictures of that day. So, after I color corrected the Orange Madness from the last post and a box of waaay too dark Brunette that my mom had picked up; out of my hair yesterday (now I'm a nice, tolerable Strawberry Blonde haha), I took some photos as part of my effort to keep to my New Year's Blog Resolution to post more personal outfits/style photos for you guys. I don't know why, but my skin looks super airbrushed in some of the shots. Its weird. Maybe it's the hair color? Lol :}

I'm super looking forward to this week. My Dany's should be here today, which I've been soooooo anxious to get since I ordered them. I've literally been counting down the days! Lol! The sweater and leggings that I told you guys about came in last Friday, but they aren't the size it said on the site and the sweater doesn't look anything like it was pictured/described. I'm beyond disappointed. I got in contact with the customer service reps so I could return them and get a refund and they are being super shady. They keep dancing around the fact that they lied about their products and don't want to give me my money back, which really sucks. I don't even want to say their name here, because I don't want you guys to look them up and fall victim to their misrepresentation too. I love you guys and I won't put you through that. Lol.

I also joined Chictopia! (And I'm actually liking it a lot more than LookBook.nu.) So if you're there, be sure to add me or leave me a comment here with a link to your profile so that I can add you :} I entered the Payless "Winter Shoe Contest" with my DIY Miu Miu's too, so wish me luck!

xoxo coco


  1. Thank you so much for your commet, and for liking my family. I think you style is beyond words.
    Love your hair colour, and your whole ensemble. The skirt is a dream.

  2. Thank youuu soo muchh hahaaa
    I wish i could give you one of them :)
    Your outfit is excellent i love it! and the pcitures too!

  3. You always look so darn good! :D If there was a competition for who look the most girly and feminine, you would be the absolute winner!

  4. You look gorgeous, as always and such a lovely crop of curly hair. Wouldn't work on me but looks wonderful on you!

  5. That skirt is just stunning! Loving the whole look.
    xx Comtesse xx

  6. You just HAVE to win the shoe contest! Love your hair that colour ^_^


  7. SAME! I totally like Chictopia better than Lookbook.nu… better community :)
    --Monica Sallay from F&ML

  8. you totally rock your style, i love it.


  9. Oh my god, Coco. Third picture. Your smile is killer. <33

  10. The kneeling pic is the money shot. You go girl! Has that fur stole got bits of the animal on? - looks like a fox stole my friend's grandma had which had feet. Don't worry not getting all PETA on you just trying to see from your pics. I'm into details you see :) I'll be back to keep reading your blog...



  11. you know what, you are just such a georg girl. I loved the kneeling pic too :) your style is wonderful, I adore it! <3 Anika

  12. Thank you so much, everyone! You guys are so sweet :}

    @Sacramento: You are so welcome! Seriously, your family is so beautiful, but it's not just a physical beauty; you all exude this inner beauty too that really shows in photos. I love it :}

    @Meg: Thank you! Oh my goodness, that means a lot :D

    @Dee: I have such a love-hate relationship with my hair. I'd kill for your sleek, stylish straight hair. It's so pretty and shiny too, I'm so jealous! Lol!

    @Becky: I HOPE! Keep your fingers crossed for me <3

    @Kaiami: Thank you! Hehe :)

    @Camillea: Thanks! And yes indeed, it does. It's weird though, because I think the ends are both heads? (As gross as that might sound.) Though I can't imagine them finding a two-headed one, but there definitely isn't a seam to seperate them. It's so weird. Thank goodness there are no face. I don't think I could do it if it still had the faces lololol


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