Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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(Tripp NYC "Pop Tart" leopard print dress, White House | Black Market convertible polkadot
clutch/purse, JC charm bracelet, Forever 21 black platform maryjanes)

I was feeling a bit girly and quirky for my Sunday lunch date with a friend of mine at this adorable little cafe up in Placerville. It was a bit hot, but the weather was still nice, and due to the fancy nature of having tea; I opted for a cute little dress! This leopard one is by Tripp NYC and its called "Pop Tart" which I absolutely love. Taking full advantage of the fact that we were having afternoon tea, Dee and I got pretty gussied up for our fun day together; and I couldn't help but get a bit fancy with a birdcage veil and cute charm bracelet my sister got me from her trip to Monterey a while back. We felt a little bit like royalty and made sure to have our pinkies raised at all times! I was reminded a little of the very, very funny Saturday Night Live skit called "A Spot of Tea" with Russell Brand, Andy Samberg, and Bill Hader.

Needless to say, I really, really wanted to yell "Seismograph" at the top of my lungs the whole time we drank tea and ate our lunch, but managed to keep it together. Afterward, we drove up to the ranches to pick some of the last of the berries before we transition into Fall, but not before enjoying some of the famous pie near Apple Hill of course! (Delicious!) It was so much fun. We plan to go back this labor day weekend for the opening of the apple ranches too and maybe go to the sneak preview for the new movie Fighter.
Goodness knows, I love me some Tom Hardy!

To my delight, I have some more amazing new followers to thank and urge all of you to check out! First we have Amalia, a nineteen year old style blogger from Greece with the coolest hair I've ever seen. (I've been a big fan of her blog for a while now and adore her style!) Second is Shay of donewithconformity, a blogger with some seriously skills: she runs The Blogger Project in which she features some of her favorite bloggers by turning them into an awesome work of art! DEFINITELY a must-see. Then there's "Fashion Kat" Rita, a stylish blogger who loves fashion, shoes, and - you guessed it! - cats! (Among other things!) Then there's the romantic Russian herself, Miss Annushka Litvinova with her quirky and whimsical fashion sense! She's so sweet and I always look forward to seeing what she's wearing! I can't forget Beth from Stylish Confessions either. I love her blog and her casual and oh-so-cool style...

Last but not least, Michelle and Hiven, who don't have personal blogs, but I still wanted to thank them for the follow! It means a lot to me that they enjoy reading MTB so much.

So thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone! You are all amazing <3

xoxo Coco

P.S. I'm so glad you guys like my Back To School outfit; I want you to share your's too! So don't forget to send in photos of yourselves in your favorite back to school gear for my "Back To School Special" coming up! Be sure to include your name, age, and link to your blog! Send to: for a chance to be featured here on MTB :}


  1. Hello my sweetie!You are really an amazing girl!You don't know how much I appreciate you and your work too!Thank you so much for your sweet words!You really touched my heart :) :) Tonnes of love Amalia :* :)

  2. love this look! gorgeous dress and i love your socks and shoes combo. lovely blog :) xxx

  3. You are just too sweet! Thank you for the lovely mention and the comment, it really means a lot! :)

    The Back to School Special sounds like tons of fun, great idea!

    p.s. you're rocking those maryjanes!

  4. Gorgeous dress, you look so sweet and lovely! And the title of your blog is so cool!

    Love, Lisa

  5. you look so sweet! love your hair!

  6. Love this! Soo lovely. You look amazing, as always :)


  7. I love your outfit! So glad i've found your blog, definately following :) xx

  8. you are incredibly gorgeous, i'm in love with this outfit and i just don't understand why you don't have like at least a thousand readers. so since today you have one more reader :)

    i love your curves!! stay as you are, you're lovely!!

    ♥, peppie

  9. Awh thanks for the shoutout! I'm in love with your shoes. x hivenn

  10. Love love love the dress! It fits you perfectly and tea time + dress = true love :)
    Like your blog, and your outfits are rad!

  11. Gorgeous outfit! The dress looks so good on you!


  12. Love the leopard, but my favorite part of your outfit is deffinitely those gorgeous mary-janes and white socks)) So cool and pretty)

  13. I love leopard and love this outfit and how you styled it. The hairpiece is so pretty. Look forward to following you :)

  14. This is VERY cute, love this look!

    xo Ashleigh

  15. you look so gorgeous here !!
    i love this socks with black platform !!

    so chic set :)



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