Sunday, October 30, 2011

diy: flannel cutout shirt

So I went thrifting with my little sister today and picked up a flannel, because I've seriously been in love with the cutout shoulders look for a while now (it adds great edge to any top), and especially the Flannel Cutout Shirt by UNIF over at NastyGal. Unfortunately, its all sold out now, but being the crafty kinda gal that I am, I decided to DIY one for myself, and although I would have liked a much more over-sized flannel; I do really like how it turned out.

What do you guys think? :}

xoxo Coco



  1. Love this idea! The medieval influence of the slit shoulders is beautiful. =)

  2. I never realized the flannel could be so sexy. I love the effect. Congrats.

  3. That looks awesome, great idea

  4. i like but i won't do it by myself :P

  5. Hello Coco!!!How amazing idea!!!It suits you perfectly and combined with jean shorts..oh I love it!Btw I admire your confidence, wearing shorts without tights and not being skinny and of course you look stunning!You have amazing shape!Wish I had the same confidence!:*

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  6. wow! amazing. I desire your shirt now, haha :D great job.

  7. Loving this thrifted flannel you made into this fab DIY!
    Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog!

    xxSaltwater Gypsyxx

  8. wow ! great job ! i love this shirt :)
    beautiful photos ! you're so photogenic !:)

  9. This is awesome and you look awesome. Any DIY tips for me bathroom?

    Mabel Time

  10. This looks great, and you make it sounds easy :)

    I LOVE the new layout of your blog!!

  11. the flanneled shirt looks more special with that cut

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  12. you look soo gorgeous in these photos as usual. and you did a fab job on your diy! loves =)

  13. I've seen this on silk shirts and loved the look but doing it to flannel is even more brilliant!

  14. You look stunning in these pictures! I love how you created your own version of this top, it looks great on you! I'm not sure if I would be able to pull it off as flawlessly as you did but I definitely want to give it a try now!

  15. Wowwwww what an awesome job. I can't wait to try this myself. Unlike you I am not crafty but I think I can follow your instructions. And I agree cut out shoulders make everything more interesting, especially with looser tops. I wouldn't have enough thought of doing this with a flannel shirt so thanks for the inspiration.

    Now following you. :-)

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  17. sorry totally fudged that comment!! lovely diy!! hope you can stop by to enter to win some free stuff :)
    love kat

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  19. what?!!! amazing! perfect outfit for those animal style fries!! hehe :)

    planet blue


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