Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'll Always Be Courage's Child.

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"I Don't Want To See You Like This" by The Joy Formidable

(Sweater by Derek Heart Clothing, necklace from Forever 21,
dress by Rhapsody, shoes by Lower East Side)

I hope everyone had a fun weekend. I, myself, suffered from a bout of food poisoning thanks to my parents' friends - I think they under-cooked the pork they brought to lunch early on Saturday afternoon (I'm still feeling a little gross) - which really sucked, because Saturday night I was supposed to go to this amazing charity benefit; I was really looking forward to seeing my good friend Kari and helping raise money for a great cause. On a good note though, before the icky-ness kicked in, I did manage to get new glasses! I picked out these amazing Ray Bans and I am so, so excited for them to get here. I guess my eyesight has gotten better too (which I didn't know it could do!), or so the people at the optical center told me. Anyhoo!

These glasses are seriously the coolest ones I've ever owned. They're thick-rimmed Wayfarers in a really wicked fiery tortoise-shell texture with this really cool slant to them. Ah! I love them. I can't wait to show you them! I wish I could have left the store with them the same day, but oh well. I only have to wait about 4-7 days more. That should be easy, right? (Probably not, actually. Lol.) I have no patience when it comes to nifty things like new clothes, accessories, electronics, and so on. I hate the waiting period in between, especially when all I can think about are the amazing outfits that will go with these new goggles of mine. Oh, why can't they be here now? Not going to lie, I feel a little like Veruca Salt. "I want an Oompah Loompah, and I want it now!"

Buuut instead, I shall just be happy and rejoice for my amazing new followers! And I'd like to welcome them to MTB! So say hello to the fashion, shopping, music and photography-loving Aleksandra of Ola's Closet; aspiring fashion writer and style runaway Kelsey at RUNAWAY IN LA; marathon shopper and jogger Mery from Cup of Frappe; Greek Goddess Matina over at Living With Style; and uberly talented artist, stylist, and decorista, Lauren Christine of Golden White Decor. I love what each of you ladies do!

Thanks a bunch for following <3

xoxo Coco

P.S. This outfit was inspired by Karin Kirsten of Wunderlust (one of my absolute favorite blogs) whose most recent post "Falling" featured a great combination of a lace Top Shop bodysuit paired with an Asos maxi skirt. So thank you for the inspiration, Miss Karin!


    1. Amazing outfit as always!Coco what do you think of making a post about your make up and hair care?I think that it would be very interesting for us...You have beautiful face and you know how to highlight it!Think about it!!Kisses and hugs!! :*

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    2. Beautiful! I love the colors, it's very striking.
      I agree with Amanda, I'd love to see some makeup tips from you. (Hair too, but mine is such a different creature that all I can do is be envious of your waves and curls)

    3. You are so beautiful lady... absolutely in love with this look.

    4. wow! you look amazing! that dress is so unusual... wonderful! ^^

    5. Can I just say that I like the name of your blog?

    6. Hi dear!

      I'm so impressed by your blog!your looks are so inspiring! I love your boho chic!
      This look is so romantic very Carmen!

      And I totally love the color of your hair!I'm crazy about red-heads!I've even made a post abt them some time ago:))

      I'm so glad to find your blog!and I follow it straight away!

      I hope and will be very happy to see you among my lovely followers!




    7. amazing!!!

      xoxo from rome

    8. Great style yours! Love your dress-skirt!! So hippy-chic!!
      Nice to meet u!

    9. I like so much your blog, i hope you can check out mine.

    10. very chic!
      love your dress and wide-shouldered top.

      following u!

      Follow me on:
      Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

    11. Love this outfit! The print of the dress is amazing. Wow I didn't know that eyesight could get better, but good for you then. :)


    12. This skirt is beautiful! Where the muffin top?? You look great to me, and pretty thin!

    13. Lovely blog!Great photos! Check out mine and follow if you like! http://thefollowersoffashion.blogspot.com/


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