Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hello, Sunshine!

(Covergirl lipstick in Spellbound #325, Minted nail color by Revlon,
seashell ring from Bows & Arrows in downtown Sac)

Long time, no post, huh? Well, my sincerest apologies to my readers for being such a bad blogger. I can't believe its been nearly two months since I last posted--shame on me! I definitely missed you guys, and I plan to post quite a bit more now that I've settled into a new job and have begun the big transition from teenager to adult. (I know right, finally! Lol) A lot has been going on since my visit to LA this past December, while most of it has been really, really tough, I know it will be worth it in the long run :-)

At the moment I'm working steady hours again, I've got a new project under my belt for the upcoming Summer, and I'm getting ready for my parents' big move to Italy. Supposedly my step-dad will be leaving later this month to settle in there and he'll come back in June or July or so; with my mom and sister soon to follow. Its a bit scary to think that I'm going to be out on my own, with the only family I have far, far from here (all the way on another continent!), but I'm trying my best to adjust to the idea and to get ready for it. I'm saving up and hoping I can find an affordable place of my own when the time comes, but until then; I'm enjoying the time I have left with everyone.

The weather has been UH-MAZING here in Sacramento the past week or so. Its been bright and shiny, a little windy today and yesterday, but nothing a light jacket can't fix. Spring is beautiful--its my second favorite season, next to Summer, even though it can be BLAZING here in the Summer months. Still, I'm already breaking out the shorts and enjoying the maxi dress weather I've been presented with lately. I'm really looking forward to being able to lounge around in nothing but a swimsuit though. That is definitely one of the best feelings! Speaking of which, I've been keeping my eye out for some cute must-haves for the warmer weather. At the moment, I'm crushing super hard on dyed & destroyed denim jeans with studs and the like. So, so cute...

I attempted to DIY a pair last weekend with my little sis, but the kool-aid and food coloring didn't hold up. While I was dying them, they looked gorgeous and I was really excited for the outcome, only to toss them in the washer, take them out, and find they looked exactly the same as when I started with them! The dye had completely rinsed out! I was bummed to say the least, but I'm planning to do it again with real fabric/rit dye, and not the organic/alternative stuff. Despite following the directions of another DIY tutorial, it just didn't work. Fingers crossed that it will next time! Until then, I've got two very important interviews this week--so wish me luck? :-)

Outfit post coming soon! <3

xoxo Coco

P.S. What are you guys looking forward to about Spring/Summer the most?


  1. I'm so glad your back! I love your blog. Congrats on becoming an adult in your absence!

    It's pretty cool that your family is moving to Italy. They must be so excited!

    I'm not really looking forward to anything in particular about spring/summer because I live in Florida and it's always gross hot. I miss the seasons!!!!

    Mabel Time

  2. So happy to see a new post from you! And that is a bit scary but also exciting because you can go to Italy whenever you want now! The funny thing I too just recently started to be an adult and I'm three years older than you! haha And Sacramento weather has been PERFECT lately. Love it. xxo


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