Wednesday, November 9, 2011

part gypsy, part warrior

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(Angel-sleeve dress and silver ring c/o Gypsy Warrior,
DIY knee-high stockings, Forever 21 platforms)

I'm so very excited to announce that MTB has a new sponsor - Gypsy Warrior!

If you haven't visited or shopped Gypsy Warrior yet, I HIGHLY recommend you do so A-S-A-P. I absolutely love GW. The clothes are so fashion-forward and unique - if I could, I would buy everything up in the store for myself! Their combination of modern NYC mixed with vintage rock'n'roll is positively chic! Nicla, co-founder (alongside Michel) was kind enough to send me an amazing parcel with this beautiful angel-sleeve mini dress and badass silver and black stone ring. She also hand-wrote me a little note - how sweet is that? I'm so in love with how this dress feels when I wear it... I can definitely promise you guys that you'll be seeing more of it! Lol!

More exciting news: I went blonde! Like, really, really blonde. I had to go to the doctor on Monday (the last visit for this month, thank goodness) and afterward I treated myself to a trip to the salon. I walked in and asked the girl there for the Abbey Lee, who is my total style-crush right now (seriously, I can't get enough of that woman) and luckily I didn't have to whip out the photos I'd brought with me as examples - she already knew exactly what I wanted and I couldn't be happier with the results. A new me for the new season.

Anyhoo! I'm so into angel and bell-sleeves this fall. There's something undeniably bohemian about them, y'know? What are your guys' fashion obsessions for this Fall? Do Share! <3

xoxo Coco


  1. OOOMMGG!You are stunning dear!You are super wow blonde!!It really suits you!!I also love the outfit!Bravo! :*:* I want more pics of you asap.Haha! :):)

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    and on-line store !! :)

  2. You look beautiful in new hair! And this dress is perfect, so unique!

  3. oh wow your blonde, great !
    their clothes are pretty cool .thanks for sharing

  4. You look awesome as a blonde!

  5. love your look!

  6. i love your new color !! you look pretty awesome !:)
    gorgeous photos :)
    i love your dress ,shoes and rings !:)

  7. Amazing new hair color!!
    You look absolutely stunning!

  8. i just came across your blog, it is absolutely fabulous!

    i love all of the outfits! Gorgeous!!

    i am now following, hope you will stop by and follow back!!


  9. Thank you so much for all the love, guys! I'm stoked you like the new hair and the dress. Its still weird waking up and looking in the mirror to find myself blonde, but I really, really love it! And I appreciate you guys leaving me such wonderful comments :D

  10. Your hair is awesome!!!!! So is this dress. But I'm really excited about your hair. I used to be blonde and it was so fun. But too much work for me.

    Mabel Time

  11. WOW, your hair!
    I love the new look. That dress is amazing, I love the sleeves. And that ring is wonderful... I especially like the scrollwork on it.

  12. We love the gypsy dress you wore. You look stunningly gorgeous with it. Fabulous!:)
    And oh btw, you beautiful with your blonde hair.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  13. The dress is amazing! I love angel sleeves too (need to fing myself a similar dress asap))

  14. Love the clutch.

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  15. you are BLONDE. WOW!!! you look amazing!!. I love your new image <3 and this dress... magical ^^^

  16. I love that dress, so beautiful! I love this blog so much! xx

  17. such a truly stunning dress. the chiffon sleeves are so flowy and amazing - i'm in love.

    xx //

  18. I had no idea there were fashion bloggers in Sacramento, <3 yours! Looking forward to your upcoming posts! xx



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