Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sacramento Fashion & Style Bloggers Meetup PT.I

This past weekend I attended the second Sacramento Fashion/Style Bloggers Meet-up downtown and let me tell you... We may have been little, but we sure were fierce!

The day started off at noon at the Midtown Bazaar, where we were met with wonderful vendors, some of whom even provided us with some super cute swag - including earrings made of monopoly pieces and beautiful marble rings - and then we went to Streets of London, where we took photos, chatted, and enjoyed a few beers. Or rather, I watched the girls enjoy a few beers. (Being under 21 kind of sucks hehe) It was an awesome day to say the least, meeting all of these great girls was such a treat, and I look forward to doing it again!

The event itself wouldn't have happened if it weren't for Miss Bella over at the Citizen Rosebud, who is eclectic and stylish and is currently a top 5 finalist in Kristy Elena's (Vogue Gone Rogue) "Essence of Fall" fashion contest, so be sure to head on over and vote for; she's much deserving! I also had the chance to finally meet with fashion blogger and journalist, Melody Stone from It's All Happening and she's even more lovely in-person. I'm particularly excited for her right now, because she recently had an article published in Midtown Monthly!

(photo by Jen Wade of Wade & Associates)

All in all we had an amazing group of femmes come together, mixing and mingling as if we'd known each other forever, when really it had only been a matter of hours that we'd hung out. Each with individual style and charisma of our own, these are the faces that are about to take Sacramento by storm!

Be sure to check out all of these lovely ladies' blogs!

- Kari, Juniper James
- Angeline, The New Professional
- Nicole, Little Bits of Nikknak
- Natale Eve, Evelesco
- Jen Wade, Wade & Associates
- Melody, It's all happening.
- Bella, the Citizen Rosebud

xoxo coco

P.S. I DID take some photos, I'm just too lazy to upload them right now. I will do so later this evening! Promise!


  1. It did feel like we've known eachother for a long time, but all of us were freshly acquainted. LOVED that day, so much good laughs and conversations swirling about. I am very glad to meet you!

  2. So glad you were there! Looking forward to the next one and soon enough 21 will come :)

  3. Yay! I can't wait to see your photos.

  4. What fun!! I never knew Sacramento had so many fashion and style bloggers!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic


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